Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Bull for breakfast!

Wow!! It's been a long week and it is only Wednesday!!!  I am so tired this afternoon, that I can barely see straight!! I did not realize how tiring it is for us as well on the first week of school!!!  I am soooooo not used to getting three (all three as we are still walking Claire into school) kids and myself ready every morning and trying to leave by 7:30-ish!  Let's just say, I am the crazy lady flying down the highway from Rogers every morning because we are running late!! 

On top of it all, my kids have not made the adjustment yet of being able to get up on time.  Claire insisted on an alarm clock and it is set for 7:05 this morning it was still going off and she was still snoozing away!  If she would go to sleep at a descent hour at night rather than lay in bed mad bc "she is not tired yet", she would wake up to the brand new alarm clock! Owen is usually the first up in the house and happy as can be....well now that he is not alone when he wakes up to do (read get in the fridge and pantry and eat what he pleases :)) as he wants, he is in a foul mood.  Bree, who would be found between me and Shane, has no interest in getting up and is usually the last one to arise.  No matter what time I get up, 7:30 gets here so fast and we are always frantically wiping faces, last minute hair touch ups and chunking three kids in the van!!  I may have to alter our breakfast menu to include some heavy caffiene soon :)!

On top of it all, we have had some added stress of Owen's school plans. He had his first day of SonShine school on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon we found out they had room for him at Shiloh. So after one day of his other school, we pulled him out and enrolled him at Shiloh. So this morning, me, Owen and the now VERY mobile Bree made our way to the Dean's office for Owen's interview and the enrollment process. Now that would make for a great reality show. Shane could not come as it was last minute and he had scheduling conflicts, so it was just me and the two youngest of my crew. Bree was all over the place, screaming as if I was burning her everytime I would pick her up, whilst Owen was being interviewed and tested by the Dean. I did not have time to get nervous for his (as I did Claire's) but Lord help me, he stressed me out. Rather than a chance for her to see where Owen was in his development, motor skills etc, Owen saw this as an opportunity to check out her office, tell her about his bday party, and not really into the whole "answering her questions" part of it (he would not answer, but ask her a question in return!). By the time it was done, I was covered in sweat from the stress of him and corraling a now very VERY mad Bree that was throwing a fit, and Owen was showing the Dean just how fast his new school tennis shoes made him by running laps around her office. They did enroll him. Maybe she just wanted us out of her office. :)

Soooo tomorrow is Owen's SECOND FIRST day of school. He is so excited. He has a super sweet teacher and a cute class. I am happy for him and so glad he is in Shiloh, but I am little apprehensive of him going to school three days a week, all day! But I know he will love it and it will be so good for him. Just for kicks and giggles, here are some cute pictures I originally took on his FIRST FIRST day of school Tuesday. They are cute and worth posting...

One quick, funny story - Tuesday after we dropped Claire off in class, me, O and B were making our way out of school and as I was trying to get both of them out the door, some very big, handsome, young men, opened the doors for us as they were coming into the school.  Owen was yelling "look Mama, they are still playing football!!" (the younger boys are practicing football every morning when we arrive there, Owen is OBSESSED!)  One of the nice young men laughed and said yes they are.  Owen looked up (I think he even knew they had to be football players) and said "Wook at my shoes!  They make me run fast!!"  He starts running circles around them!!  One of the boys says, "They sure do, you should play football!!"  Such nice guys and Owen loved it!! When I called Shane and told him about it, I asked what the big, famous quarterback looked like, Shane sent me a picture (yes this guy is highly ranked and REALLY good) and sure enough, that was one of the guys!! I am sooooooo going to tell this story when Owen wins the Heisman :)!

So it has been a crazy week but I am looking forward to tomorrow when both my big kids go to school together, dressed in the Shiloh Chapel shirts, and learn more about our Lord!  I am sure me, Bree and Nonna will miss them, but find other things to do (and some working in there too) :)!! Happy Wednesday and will be back for his next set of pictures!!! 


Jill said...

LOL! That is some pure crazy-chaos! Love it! I'm so glad the football players were nice. Hope all goes well with Owen starting his new school. My kids start back tomorrow and I think I might be more nervous than they are!

Brandi said...

I'd be drinking Red Bull for breakfast too!!!! Hopefully things will settle down soon. Love the pic of the all three kids. Bree looks like a big kid now. Adorable!!! Good luck with all the craziness!!

Josh and Kate said...

Hey! You don't know me but I read your blog from time to time. You have such cute kids. Your kids are going to LOVE Shiloh. My two oldest go and love every minute of it. (Peyton K4-5 day program & Parker 3 year old Pre-K). Glad Owen got to meet Kiehl the QB. He's super nice guy and great with kids (my kids hang all over him when he's over here and never seems to mind it.) My husband is his coach. Which teacher did your kids get? If you ever have any questions let me know. I know it can be hectic starting a new school.