Monday, August 16, 2010

Owen is 4!!!

Owen actually turned 4 on Saturday, the day of the party!! I cannot believe my baby boy is 4!! We love him so much and he keeps us laughing EVERY DAY!!!! Here are some fun facts about Owen at the mature age of 4 years old...

  • Finally potty trained!! In true Owen fashion, he surprised us!! He went from "totally okay pooping on myself, no worries here!" to "I don't need your help, I can potty all by myself, absolutely no diapers, and SHUT THE DOOR":)!
  • Loves movies!!
  • Loves Spongebob!!
  • Still obsessed with all things sports, especially football, golf and baseball! FINALLY we get to start playing this year and he can barely wait!
  • Loves playing outside, even in 90 degrees and pajama pants!
  • Pickiest eater in the house - if hot dogs, pizza or chicken is not on the menu, he will pass!
  • Very independent and would rather help from no one - except for getting dressed, he hates to dress himself...
  • LOVES sweets!! His independence includes him getting his own snacks from the pantry and fridge, or freezer. Can't keep him out of the pudding, yogurt, etc!
  • Loves motorcycles and monster trucks!
  • Loves to wrestle with Daddy...and anyone else who can take him!
  • Loves Maddox and Harry!
  • Loves Claire and Bree...most of the time!
  • Loves his Poppy!
  • His favorite color is Blue and his favorite letter is O :)...

I am sure I am forgetting other things, but he is one fun little boy!!

We love you Owen so much and are so proud of the boy you have become!!! We know the Lord has such huge things planned for you and we cannot wait to go along for the ride! You are my sweet sweet boy and I hope that never changes!! I love your spiky blonde hair, your big blue eyes, your smile and that you laugh so hard!! 4 years ago, I looked at you and cried thinking that one day you would not be that little and would grow up so have grown up fast, but you are still that same blue eyed, toe-headed little boy that we fell in love with!!! Happy Birthday Owen Keith Brown!!!!!!


Tara Gibson said...

its like he grew up over night! seriously, he is the funniest little guy ever!

Boni said...

Aww...that made me tear up. He is so cute and sweet!