Monday, August 30, 2010

Kids being kids...Ladies being Gossip Girls!!

Don't you just love a good weekend??!!! That is what we had around here!! It was time too!!!  So here is a rundown of our fun times....

Friday night - Amy and I were fabulous wives. (HA :)) We knew that we had a big girls night to attend on Saturday, so we told the hubs' to have a night away and we would take the kids.  So Shane and David went fishing Friday afternoon and evening.  Amy and I took the kids to her country club for dinner and then back to their house to play.  As always we had fun letting the kids running wild while we relaxed HA!  Here are some pictures of that night...

All five of our kids sitting on a sofa at the country this picture of our crazy, but adorable kids :)...
The boys chilling and watching Toy Story...
Pic of me and Amy, photog Claire :)
Best friends Owen and Maddox
Claire trying to play with boy toys :)
Bree and Cruz playing...
Bree watching TV
More of Cruzy and B
That night, we got home at dark in time to watch a movie in our culdesac! Our neighbors built a huge Movie screen and every couple of weeks they will put up a movie!  The kids LOVE it!!!! They eat popcorn and have a blast!!
Don't you love Claire's annoyed face....
Then Saturday night!!! All of us girls went to Fayetteville (all riding in my Mom Van HA!) and celebrated Tara's birthday!!! Tara is the best party planner and she had big plans for her birthday!! She can do it better than the rest of us so we gave her gifts, she put together her Gossip Girl Birthday party!!! I love Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure, I know!) so this was so much fun!!!  You can read all about it here!!!! It was an absolutely FABULOUS PARTY!!!!

The birthday girl!

Pretty Amanda!
Mandy and Boni
Mom, me and Amy
Nicole and Molly
Me and the birthday girl!
Fun weekend!!!!!  This next weekend will be so much fun!! We are ending this summer with tons of fun times!! I am ready for FALL, COME ON!!!!!!

Happy Monday!

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