Thursday, August 19, 2010

Owen loves his Spiderman!

So today was good!!! I was a wreck after dropping Owen off this morning as I was unsure that he was ready for me leave him all day, and that his potty training would be enough! You can ask Mom, Shane and Becky, I was a mess for a while after getting home. Bree and I hung out, I worried, she ran wild all over the house putting things in the toilet, emptying drawers, you know things a baby does while her Mama is in lala land :)! I felt so much better after I recieved an email from Owen's sweet teacher. She told me he was doing great and that she thought he was hilarious! She told me this funny story too: Owen came out of the bathroom after recess with his pants down. She asked him "Do you need some help Owen?" He says "No, I want to show you Spiderman!" as he turns around and shows her his underwear :)! Only Owen!!!!!!

So when I picked him up he was exhausted but said he had fun and wants to go back tomorrow. Claire had a great day too...she said she had to work all day though...:) Here are some pictures of the kiddos leaving this morning...

Tonight we are having corn dogs for dinner bc they are Owen's favorite....not because Mama spent her day worrying and not going running to the grocery store :)!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!   Did I mention a certain little chubby baby will turn 1 on Saturday??!!!!


Charbelle said...

Your little ones are just too cute and the story about the spiderman underwear is PRICELESS!!!
I followed the link on Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes and I love your blog.
August 21 is a fabulous b'day day but I may be biased :)

Josh said...

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amywelborn said...

I heart O!! Too cute for words!

See you tomorrow!!

Maggie said...

Cracked up at the la-la land!! =) So glad Owen had a great 1st day and that both kids are loving their new school!! Happy early b-day to Bree!! I can't even believe she is already one. Time files!!