Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Princess' likes:
  • Getting my beauty sleep

  • 4oz bottles, every 3-4 later!

  • Mama holding me...all the time!

  • Daddy holding me...while Mama is busy

  • Big sister talking to me and singing songs

  • Big brother running around like crazy

  • Mama and Daddy doing whatever it takes to get a half grin out of me...crazies =)

  • My my mouth!

  • Keeping my hands up by my face (my "Drama" pose)

  • Getting socks put on me(post bath, see dislikes)

  • Big bows and flowers in my hair (okay, Mama made me add that one =))

  • The Princess' dislikes:

  • Waiting on my bottle, oh the fury when I hear the bottle being shaken or when the burp cloth is being placed under my neck!!!

  • Mama not holding me....Daddy not holding me...not being held at all times!!!

  • Not getting my beauty sleep when I want it!!

  • My pacifier...out of my mouth!

  • My hands and arms being stuck or swaddled

  • Changing my diaper...I also don't like having a dirty diaper, sorry...

  • Being naked at all...COLD!

  • Bathtime and Lotion time TORTURE!!

  • My headband falling in my eyes when I am throwing a fit and keeping my hands above my face (Drama!)

  • Being messed all...just let me sit in my Mama's lap, PLEASE!

    • Miss Bree has made her home here very well =)! We could not imagine life without our newest princess...She is sleeping all night and she is even starting to crack a few smiles for us!!

      I had to add these - I was going to end the post here, but I went to check on the older two after I finished our "Princess" photo shoot...

      Almost the weekend!!!


      Aly said...

      Too cute! She's just adorable! Go Cowboys! haha

      Traci Fritz said...

      Seriously...TOO CUTE!!

      Whitney said...

      The Princess is SO cute :) Love all of her headbands... adorable!! Also love the pics of the older two- they are so cute & look like the play SO great together!

      Annie said...

      your little princess is a DOLL!! as if you didn't already know ;)

      also love the pics of the kiddos playing football, how FUN!! :)

      Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

      oh they are all adorable! i love all the pics!

      Ashley said...

      FOR SURE that girl is a PRINCESS! I love! You have such a beautiful family, you are so blessed!


      Whitney said...

      I was going to e-mail you back but I can't find the link on your page... but THANK YOU! and I am sooo glad to hear that you were younger too during your first pregnancy!! I'm so nervous!! But ecstatic- and just FYI I will probably ask you a TON of advice when it comes to baby clothes and how you decorated the nursey/etc. It was ADORABLE! :)

      Anyways just wanted to come back and say THANK YOU!! and I am SOOO excited that your following me, can't wait for your GREAT advice!!!

      Suzette said...

      Seriously, these are the cutest pics ever!!! I love all the princess shots and the football siblings are stinking adorable! I love how Claire is holding Owen's hand!!!

      amywelborn said...

      LOVE it! Great pictures...she is such a doll baby!

      In this wonderful life... said...

      the princess is precious!!! I love C and O playing!!! LOVE FOOTBALL!!

      Jillian said...

      That happens to Emerson when she gets mad too, her bow falls down!! And she needs to be held ALL the time, and that girl is SERIOUS about her food!!! She is beautiful, congrats again!!

      Jessica said...

      Love the Claire and Owen playing football - to precious!!! Last week I was watching home videos of when Denny was a kid. On the video was Denny and his bother playing football in the snow (this was in Pennsylvania) and they did the cutest little touch down dance.

      Maggie said...

      haha, great post!! I got to the picture of Bree yawning and Jonah walked up behind me, "Why's dat baby cwying, Mommy?" "She's yawning." "Huh?" "She's yawning." "Huh?!" "SHE IS YAWN-ING." "WHAT?!" "She's tired." "Oh, she's tired?" "Yes." "Ohhhhhh." LOL

      Those football helment pics are priceless!! Love it!! haha