Friday, June 20, 2008

SuperSTAR Claire!

While the boys were home sad with their ailments yesterday (see the previous post), Claire was hanging with Aunt Tara. Claire loves all of her aunts, but Tara picks Claire up all the time, just to hang out together. Claire loves Tara because she usually has some kind of sweet goody for her and she is usually dressed in pink or sparkly, some of Claire's favorite colors (yes, sparkly is a color=)). Well yesterday, Tara took Claire back to her apartment and let her play dress up in her of Claire's most favorite hobbies, DRESS UP!! Tara always has her camera in hand (she is going to make a good Blogger Mama one day, hopefully sooner than later =)), so she took some fun pictures of Claire in her clothes...see my little diva in action, we sooooo have our hands full!!
Rock Star - Tara's SHIRT

Posing with Aunt T...

FYI - Claire Isabella asked me and Shane a few days ago if she could change her name....her choice: Halle Stacey Star...I am sure you are all thinking the same thing we did...what do you think this name sounds like? =)

TGIF!!! Have a good weekend!!!

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Tara Caire said...

haha.. claire picked out everything she tried on haha. love that girl.. Haley stacey star huh.. oh my!