Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th...not so bad!

The last day of my vacation, and we actually just rest least the kids are! It is another rainy day, Owen is sleeping and Claire is on her third movie of her movie marathon. I, on the other hand, am just reading my favorite blogs rather than preparing for the dreaded neighborhood garage sale tomorrow =(. I think I have walked up and down the stairs 20 times hauling crates and more crates of "gently used" children's clothing. As well as all the baby accessories that I can find (bouncy seats, walkers, toys, etc). Now before all of the family stresses, NO, we have not decided not to have another baby, I am just so tired of looking at the same stuff for almost 5 years!! When baby Brown #3 comes in late 2009 or early 2010 (that seems so far least that is what I like to think), we will be ready for new stuff.

Since I am just rambling, procrastinating writing $2 on itty bitty tags over and over again, below is a picture of Claire vegging out on the couch watching Charlotte's Web. Her hair looks like I just crimped it (you remember the Crimper, don't you) from her braided pig tails yesterday...she thinks it is gorgeuos and I do too!! Have a great weekend!!
Yes, she is still in her pj's!
Nicole bought Cooper a new collar..."Paw and cross-bones" =)


Tara Caire said...

haha i dont know how i got out of helping with the garage sale! claire's hair looks pretty like that!

Dallas said...

Just found your will definitely go under my faves. Cute blog name, by the way! Your children are PRECIOUS!