Tuesday, June 10, 2008

O got a tan!!

Day 2 of vacation!! We spent the day swimming in our back yard in the new kiddie pool I bought the kids (after 2 trips to WalMart and one pool that had me coming up with some very creative words for bad ones, for example: shhhheeeez louisee). Claire and Owen could not have been any happier if we had huge in ground pool, so the day was great!! One surprising thing, OWEN GOT HIM SOME TAN LINES!! As yall know he has very fair skin, but after 3 hours in the sun, he has the cutest tan line above his booty (I took pictures, but Shane would not let me put them out here =)). He is even more of a handsome stud now!! After we spend a week in Gulf Shores in July, he will be brown as a biscuit like Claire (that is a Becky Brown term =)).

Before we get to the pictures of the day...I have to fill you in on some great quotes from Claire...and now Owen.

Owen - WHERE DID MY BABY GO??!! - Owen did not start consecutively sleeping through the night until he was about 18mos old (I know, it was TOUGH). He has been doing great, but the last couple nights he has been waking up. Now, also lately, Owen has started talking up a storm and is developing quite the personality. So, last night he was crying about 1am. I was hoping (and I know Shane was too, you can tell when they are pretending to sleep, you know what I am talking about) he would just fuss and go back to sleep. Well after a few minutes, the crying turned to screaming, and just as soon as he started screaming, he just started yelling "MAMA". That was a first and a surprise to me, so of course, I leaped up and went upstairs to his room. I open his door, with the usual plan of holding him for a minute, consoling him back to sleep...all he needed was a hug from his Mama and he would go back to sleep (Either me or Daddy, this is literally a process down to science in our house)...

Well I open the door and Owen says "No, night night, No Mama!!"
I was shocked, he was not my little baby anymore. He would not stay in his room, wanted to go downstairs and needed a drink. After a drink and watching some food network (always puts him to sleep), I was in bed by 2. Oh the night life of a Mom!

Brilliant Quotes from Claire Isabella 2-4...

#2 - She and Owen are swimming in the pool, she is just as happy as can be and keeps on telling me so. She is singing a song from one of her Playhouse Disney shows "It's a Perfect Day". Owen gets out and goes to play ball for a bit and she scoots over in the pool close to edge where I am laying out in a chair.

Claire : "This is great, just us girls, laying out in the pool".
Mama: "Uh-huh"
Claire: "Owen is playing over there, we can just talk"
Mama: "Yep, we can."
Claire: "So Mama, tell me about when you got married to Dad, what kind of dress did you wear? Necklace? Bracelet?"

That is some great girl talk. It turned into a long conversation all about my wedding dress...she is such a big girl!

#3 - Tara and Nicole come over later in the afternoon to lay out and hang with the kids. We were thinking about going to a dinner tonight, but we needed a sitter to watch the kids. So I went to call Nana and Papa (Keith and Becky) and Claire continued her conversation with the girls...

Nicole: "Claire you might stay with your Nana and Papa tonight!"
Claire: "Yea, they are my favorites!!"
Nicole: "They are your favorites? How about Nonna and Poppy?"
Claire: "Yes, they are too!"
Nicole: "Nina and Papa?"
Claire: "Yes"
Nicole: "Well, how about me?"
Claire: "Well...I like Tara today, but you can be favorite tomorrow??!"

#4 - All of us sitting at the the dinner table tonight...
Claire: "Mama, do you remember when you told me that Daddy would swim with us tonight?"
Mama: "No..."
Claire: "Yes, in the car after we left Wal-Mart!, You promised!"
Mama: "No, I don't remember Claire" (Shane is eyeing me and I seriously do not remember)
Claire: "Maaammaa, you are so not genius!! I remember...I am the only genius!!"

Enjoy all of the cute pictures from swimming today and a few of the girls and Claire making brownies...
Claire wanted me to take some shots of her in action, jumping in the pool...she was happy with my work =)

Owen likes for me to count to three before he does anything, like a countdown... so he turns to me like this...
Claire was having a blast, this was her favorite picture...
Owen in action too...

And then it was nap time (a day full of swimming will even put Owen in a nap!!)...=)
Making brownies...you think this was a planned picture??=)

I am so glad that I am vacation this week, we are having so much fun!! I just LOVE SUMMER!!


Shane said...

Claire: "Maaammaa, you are so not genius!! I remember...I am the only genius!!"

Claire actually said that "Daddy is genius". Rachel seemed to mixup that part of the story. :)

Tara Caire said...

haha claire is a hoot! Owen is a little man now!