Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poor Brown Boys

I come home last night from some much needed, MOMMY ONLY, shopping. Shane and the kids are outside playing and Owen, as always, is excited to see me. Shane tells me to come over and see O's mouth...OMG! Claire was swinging and Owen ran in front of her and was knocked down, by way of foot to mouth! Now, this is not the first time Owen managed to bust his lip by walking in front of the swing, in fact his third, and he has done the same to his sis, but this was by far the WORST busted lip ever. Apparently (THANK GOD I was not home) it bled a lot, but he was okay once Shane (smart Daddy) put some Anbesol on it. So, once I am calm about this...Shane was half way proud of his boy's wound, "He is tough", I notice our Pug, Cooper is running across the yard, limping. "What has happened in the hour and a half I was gone?". We couldn't really tell what was wrong with Cooper, so I took him to the vet today. He has an "Inflamed paw" and is on 2 different medications. Owen is completely fine, eating and drinking, even without Anbesol today. His lip looks awful and I can barely stand to look at it, but it helps he doesn't seem to care. My poor little boys had a rough 24 hours, but all is well this afternoon, thanks to Sonic milkshakes and some really bad smelling dog foot cream =). Below are a few pictures of them vegging out watching Shrek the Third...Claire is off shopping with her Aunt Tara.


Brittney said...

Those blue eyes are going to get that boy far in life!!! So adorable!

Tara Caire said...

awww.. poor brown boys! its amazing what happens with a mama leaves the house.. its like the universe shifts!