Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was one of those weekends that by last night, I told Shane that we needed a weekend to recover :).  It was also a weekend of more adult activities than children activities.  That is always so nice with a big heaping dose of mama guilt as well.  :)

Friday night, we we went to dinner for Jayme's birthday.  Nice night out with the ladies, and I even stuck to my diet, with the exception of one more 100 calorie Italian margarita than planned :).  Shane's parents took the kids to a movie so Shane got a nice night to himself. All around, the Browns were happy campers :).  Fun night!

My pretty sister, Tara :)

Mom, Jayme, me and Tara
Saturday, we did some lunching and shopping :)...Claire and Bree love carrying the bags and getting their picture made. This has nothing to do with Claire trying to earn the right to texting on her iTouch and Bree wanting a cupcake.

Saturday night was Mandy's birthday dinner so we got dressed up and took our handsome men :). 

All of us girls with the pretty birthday girl! 
 Mom and Tara
 Me and Boni
 Me and Tara
 Boni, muah, Nicole, and Tara
 Me and my handsome
 Tara and Boni
 Me and Mom

 Tara and Nicole
Yesterday, after church, was a busy dance day.  Claire and I spent the day together in dress rehearsals!  Busy busy day, but fun :).  As usual, I spent most of the day in tears watching not only my little one dance, but all the big girls too.  Love me some dancing!

Did I mention that Claire and Owen were chosen to model in the Northwest Arkansas Fashion Show? Oh, I didn't.  Well now you know :).  Sorry, very proud Mama here. 

Happy Monday!!  As I am going into a VERY busy week, I am keeping my eyes wide OPEN for moments. Lord knows I am going to need them :)...have a great week!

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Amanda said...

I love reading your blog... you are always so positive and help me keep focused on those 'moments' in life! Thank you! Happy Monday and here's to lots of special moments this week!!!