Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Days like these...

Hello party people!! Happy mid January!!  I hope y'all are staying warm and enjoying life back to normal.  We sure are.  January is always great for us to get back to life, but it is still a busy month every year.  For some reason, Shane and I always have traveling to do the first few months for work and we are entering Claire's dance competition season. 

We have been taking it easy this month when we can and it has been great!  I got a couple comfy blankets for Christmas and I literally look forward to getting home every night, getting everyone fed, bathed, kissed and tucked in for the night so I can get my blanket, the puppy, my ipad, and a cup of decaf to relax :).  Per y'all's recommendations, I just finished Candace Cameron Bure's book, Reshaping it All and it was FANTASTIC!! I am also doing the Made to Crave 60 day devotional and I highly recommend it as well!  I am back on track on my diet and feel great.  I have already planned our Easter outfits and my dress in hanging in my closet, a full size smaller...praying hard I get there :)...

So, besides work, school, church, dance classes, a new puppy, and corralling three kids, we have been quiet :).  I am participating in the January Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram, so I do have pictures.  Here is the challenge, my pictures and a few other instagram pics thrown in there :) :

Day 1 - You
 Day 2 - Breakfast
 I tried the trick with the wooden spoon on the boiling pot of water to keep it from boiling over (per pinterest) and it worked for me!
 Ruby hanging out one night way too late :)
 Day 3 - Something you adore - my early Birthday present from Shane - a new Michael Kors watch!!  (FYI - birthday is 19 days away :))
 Day 4 - Letterbox - This is a picture of my busted mirror from me hitting a mail box...errr letterbox :)
 What I was talking about earlier - my blanket and warm cup, this time 100 calorie hot cocoa!  This is a hot cocoa K cup, light whip cream and a few marshmallows - three enthusiastic thumbs up!
 Day 5 - Something you wore - my outfit that day!
 Day 6 - Makes you smile - Claire and Owen walking up to school together just chatting away :))))
 The first DIY of 2012! Burlap wreath!! Thank you once again pinterest!
 Day 7 - Favorite - my most favorite little boy in the world!
 Day 8 - Your Sky - it was a gloomy day Sunday, so after church, Shane had to work, Claire had rehearsal, so me and the littles cuddled and watched movies and this was my sky view :)
Bree and I cuddling :)
 Day 9 - Daily Routine - taking these two monkeys to school :)
 Monday night - first time to make jambalaya in honor of the BCS National Championship - crock pot recipe from Plain Chicken
 Day 10 - Childhood - Me :)
 My two youngest last night - out for the count together :)
 Day 11 - Where you sleep - no time to make the bed this morning :)
 My scarf today!
So now you are all caught up! :)

Have a great day!!!!


Kimberley said...

how fun! if there's ever one for a future month let me know!

p.s. love your baby pics :)

Lauren said...

oh my gosh. the picture of bree and ruby snuggling is precious!

McFarland Family said...

HI Rachel,
I have been reading your blog for a few months. You have the cutest family EVER!!!
Oh what fun it is to take a pic in instagram each day!...then to look back in a few months:)

Jenna said...

I love this! I'm doing the project 365 challenge!

Kelly Denise said...

Love this. Very cute pictures

Anonymous said...

Rachel do you find it necessary to read the book Made to Crave or is the devotional book just as good! I read the except of the devotional, is it an inspirational type book.


Anonymous said...

Rachel I wanted to tell you that bc of you a few ladies at work are going to do a book study with Made to Crave. I was talking about your blog and that I was getting the books. A lady at work was getting ready to do a book study somewhere else and now she is going to do one at work with us. Keep on writing your inspiring post!!!