Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did you just call me bacon?!

Shane has been out of town all week and to say our time has been eventful, is like saying guacamole is only tasty.  Our week has been full of one issue after another and crazy busy, not just eventful, just like guacamole is essential to almost every meal, not just tasty :).

The week started Monday with Claire coming home from school with an ice pack ON HER FACE.  Apparently, my graceful dancer, fell into a pole, face first.  Luckily, very minor bruising.  Monday night, I started to feel a sore throat coming on and by the time I went to bed, I was 100% sure I had strep.  BOOOOO!  So I stayed home from work Tuesday, took antibiotics and tried to get some rest. Back at work Wednesday, I get a call from Owen's teacher. Owen tried to break up a fight between his buddies and got his chin busted.  He was fine, just scared he was going to get in trouble.

We are so excited for Daddy to come home and we were all in good spirits this morning, even though we slept in, SHOCKER (why in God's green earth can I not get up on time!!??)!  After we dropped Bree off at Moms wearing a tshirt, diaper, and a pair of dress up high heels, whilst carrying a very cute and very ORNERY puppy, we made it on the road on time.  On the way to school, Owen was pestering Claire and the conversation went like this:

Me: Owen, cut it out, do you want a spanking?!

Owen: (quiet for a few minutes)...Mama did you just call me bacon?!

Claire: *rolls eyes*... Good Lord Owen, I can't wait for you to go to class!

Owen: Whatevs Claire, I am a second grader today...with you!

I have no idea where they learn this stuff! :)  Needless to say, we need Daddy to come home and save the day as Daddy's do.  This weekend is Claire first dance competition of the season, so we have so much going on and I need a partner in crime to get everything done.  Last night was dress rehearsal. To keep the younger monkeys from running wild through the auditorium or fighting like a couple hyenas, I gave them my phone...and Owen took some pictures...

Today I am wearing a pretty scarf though!
So what does Rachel learn from weeks like these?  Love my Shane and appreciate that he always saves the day for the four of us!! :)

Peace out bloggers!!  Happy almost Friday!!

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Brandi said...

I sure hope u r feeling better, poor momma!! Kids are too cute!!!! They keep it real for us don't they!!