Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pistol Packing Mama

So anyone that knows Shane, knows that he is an avid gun collector and loves all things firearms related :).  Guns to him are like handbags and shoes to me. He has quite the collection of hand guns and rifles and knows everything and anything you need to know about them.  He has his concealed carry license and everyone also knows that it would never be a good idea to sneak in on our house at night.  Just sayin :).

For a long time, he has wanted to take me out to the shooting range and have me shoot his hand guns.  I have been putting it off and we are always busy.  Finally this weekend, we went. 

He made fun of me when I came out dressed for Saturday as I usually do in a cardigan, scarf, jewelry, boots and all.  Apparently, that is not the usual at the shooting range.  Whatevs.

I am pretty sure, me shooting a gun, pretty good at that, was the best looking he ever saw me :).  I have to admit, it was fun shooting and very empowering.  He taught me how to load it and all the safety precautions.  By the time we were done, I knew everything I would need to know, and even more thanks to "over-prepared for every situation Shane".  My favorite was the 9mm. I know he was proud of me and even mentioned getting me a ladies pink handgun.  Puh-lease.  I do not want a pink gun.  Everyone knows that my favorite color is red. :)

It was great to spend some time, just the two of us, doing something that he is so passionate about and loves.  I read just recently that it is important that wives remember that our husband's hobbies are important too.  I know that Shane loved it.  Here are some pictures he got of me in action...

 look at my face here :)

Where were the kiddos, you ask?  Well, Tara and Kristin took my two older ones and Kristin's daughter Abbey to Big Cedar in Branson Saturday and came home Sunday.  My kids are so spoiled :).  Bree stayed with grandparents.  Here a few pictures of the kids from their fun weekend.  Tara has a bunch on her blog...

Bree on her way to Nonna and Poppy's Saturday night :)

Have a great week!!


Lauren said...

Love the pics! I was wondering what is big cedar? we are close to Branson.... yet i never take the time off! Also never formerly introduced myself, but I read you and your sister's blogs all the time! :)

MySweetCreations said...

That is great you went shooting with your husband! I was in the military and I had training with the 9MM, etc. It is great to know how to defend yourself and shoot a gun. Who knows what will happen in this crazy world these days!

Ashley said...

It is empowering to shoot a gun! (I only ever did when I was dating a country guy. *lol*) My husband is not a country guy at all; he is into things like video games and LEGOS, so I do a little of that. The LEGO building is pretty cool..and has prepared me if we have a little boy!

I'm like you though..my gun would have to be RED!

Anonymous said...

My first date with my boyfriend was to a gun range-- I had no idea where we were going, so I had on a spaghetti strap dress and heels. When we got to the range the owner pulled me aside and offered to give me a tshirt to wear because he was worried about a brass hitting me in the chest and burning me. I said no thanks (had to impress the date, of course!!). After we were done shooting the guys in the shop told my date that I was the first girl who had ever shot in their range in heels and a dress-- I believe they may have said I was the "best looking shooter they ever had"! Thankfully I was a pretty good shot, so I didn't embarrass myself too much!! Glad you had fun with Shane, I am sure he did too! :-)

a' la mode said...

I WANNA TRY IT SO BADLY!!!! You rock momma! xoxo shelli