Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy new year!! New year, new blog look! Thanks Kelly!! Hope y'all ate your black eyed peas and hog jaw today! We did and I will not eat either again until 1-1-13 ;). We had a fantastic NYE with the kids and family that I will blog about later, but first I wanted to post my 2012 theme.

For as long as I could remember, I pretty much always have the same resolutions: lose weight, study more in the Word, read more, be nicer to Shane :), y'all know the usuals. As I approached 2012, I felt a major tug to aim my focus better, if you will. Rather than have a long list of resolutions, I am resolving for PEACE. Hear me out...

Peace and contentment go hand in hand. When I started listing out my resolutions, I found that there was a reoccurring theme of needed peace and contentment. I am resolving to keep the peace, that only the Lord can give me, as close as possible. This peace inside me can speak louder than any loud noise the world has got!

The first resolution I had was to spend more time in the Word. This single handedly is the root of the peace I need. When I am spending time in the Bible and in prayer as I should, there is no amount of weight I can't lose, no busy schedule I can't conquer, no week that can't have a menu planned, and a place to go when I am above my head and need some help or reassurance. He can do anything, include bless this Wife and mom of 3 kids and 3 dogs that complains about laundry and over booked calendars, with peace and contentment.

I know that if I make the time no matter what every day to be in the Bible and pray with my prayer book, I will have so much peace, through good and bad times, that it will be quiet no matter what the situation. I will pray and lean on God for all my resolutions of losing weight, keeping my family organized and sane, enjoying right now, and always putting Him first. I feel like the pressure is already lifted, because I know I am not doing this alone.

So, during 2012, as my kids get bigger, older, and louder, as my job becomes busier and emails get louder, and as I lose weight and those cupcakes screaming "EAT ME" get louder, I pray I will feel a quiet peace inside me as the Lord holds my hand and helps me along the way.

Spend more time with Him, trust me. You will have peace too.


The Pink Putter said...

Your resolutions are very similar to mine, and the one word of peace covers it all. I know that He will guide you to success!

Brandi said...

This post is definitely for me!!!THANK YOU!!! Happy New Year!!!

Rebecca @ The Reluctant Housewife said...

Out of all the resolutions that I've read on blogs the past 2 days, I like yours the best. You're absolutely right about spending time with God being the foundation for everything else