Monday, May 2, 2011


Claire's top front tooth has been loose for a looooonnnnnngggg time. It has been loose for so long that her permanent tooth or as we call it, big girl tooth, has started coming in a bit and pushing the other tooth to the side and causing a gap!!! Finally this weekend, it was REALLY loose and me and Shane were ready to mean business and get it out. I threatened to not let her go to her slumber party until she pulled it. Seriously, when she closed her mouth, you could practically see the snaggletooth sticking out!!! Well, after her working on it a ton, whining it hurt (I may or may not have said that it hurt when I gave birth to her so get over it), even Shane giving it a few tugs, we gave up. It would NOT come out!

She went to school today with a tooth hanging on by a thread. It was starting to get comical. She had this gap, but had not lost a tooth! After dance tonight where apparently she made her dance teacher scream by how loose it was, Shane was determined! After anbesol and daddy strength, he pulled it! I was actually gone (or rather Shane kicked me out to the mall as my comments like "do you want me to hold you down while daddy pulls it?" or "Shane get the pliers". He didn't feel it was helping :) ). When I got home, Claire told me she bled like a pig :)...Owen wanted us to pull his teeth too :)

Tooth fairy is in the house!

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Courtney Cox said...

Hey Rachel, I don't know if you remember me I used to have a blog! I was at Shiloh on Thursday and I saw Owen. Do you just love it there?!?! We are thinking about sending Tate next year to pre-k. If you get a chance could you e-mail Do you love it there?? Any problems???? Thank you. Courtney Cox