Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh yeah, my phone!

Pics from the trusty iPhone, aka when Tara is not around and my camera won't work because the lens is stuck from m&ms left in the bottom of my purse :). Tara spoils me and takes pictures at all out events and such. So when she can't be somewhere or something, I might sometimes panic :)...luckily I at least have the phone for emergencies :)...

Breakfast with Moms at school

Owen's work at school :)

Claire's pottery

Enjoying her new red shoes

Took the family to the T Rex cafe in KC since he was such a trooper during the dance competitions

Free dress day for spring pics at school!

Someone is sleeping in her big girl bed (post later :))

At the races with the crew!

On his way to the first Tball practice!

Fell asleep together and she is twirling his hair :)

Hannah turned 4!

She fell asleep while having a snack :)

Went to see Hop with buddies!

Spring Sunday morning

Owens school program, he was a tiger :)

Icing Easter cookies

Daddy and his monkeys

Rainy day

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