Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Boni!

March 4th was my best friend, Boni's birthday!  We threw her a fun party the weekend following and had a great time!  She reserved a suite for all of us to get ready together and then we went out for a fun dinner!  After, we came back, got in our pjs, played games and laughed until late in the night!  So much fun and Tara got a ton of pics!!!

I love Boni so much!  We actually met through blogging.  Back when I was about to go in for a c-section with B and I was nervous, she reached out to me for help and encouragement.  We became "blogging friends" and then facebook friends.  Finally we got together to make bows of all things and became friends :)!  Once I got to know her better, we realized we had so much in common...she has three little girls all the same ages as my kids.  We both work full time and lean on each other for advice and help when we are so stressed and busy.  We both love all things glittery, wild, loud and fun, but also are pretty simple and can make fun in and of everything :).  I have never laughed so much with anyone (except Shane :)) in my life!   We instantly became best friends and we spend a ton of time together,  Our husbands are great friends and our kids love each other. I could not imagine my life without her and love our hilarious relationship.  I thank the Lord everyday for her and look forward to watching our kids grow up together and getting through every stage, laughing and making the best of it :)....

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