Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not quite Mother of Year, but maybe right now??

I can't believe this, but I am caught up when I finish this post!!!  This feels great and I SWEAR I will stay on it now!

The week started off with Claire telling me that she needed to read more AR books so she can medal by Friday.  WHAT??  AR is accelerated reader.  She reads books that are AR books and then takes a test and if she passes, she gets points.  She needed 7 to get bronze, 10 for silver, 15 for gold.  I will admit, I dropped the ball on this one.  I had to miss the meeting at the beginning of the year discussing it and I have not been able to get her up there to take tests because work has been insane.  I know that she does the tests when she can at school, but I was afraid to see what she would need to complete before it ended this past Friday.  Totally not feeling like Mother of the Year!  I checked her points and she had 3.8 (half a point for each book, depending how many questions she gets correct).  So good, we only needed 3.2 or 7 books for Bronze.  We could do that by the end of the week.  Well, Claire decided that she wanted to get to gold!  Long story short, she read over 20 books this week and scored 96% overall!!!!!  She was a rock star reading every night when she got home, getting up early so we could take the tests before school, and doing really well on them!  She went over 15 and was confirmed gold, which she will receive at the end of the year.  We are so proud of her and maybe I could be "Mother of right now" :)...

I got my hair cut last Wednesday and it was absolutely FABULOUS!! There is nothing better than new color and cut!  That night we had a GNO and enjoyed some Mexican.  As always, we laughed all night and enjoyed ourselves.  I LOVE my friends and I know that God gave me them to keep my sane :)....

Friday night we went out to eat to one of our fave places Joes, with our besties the Williamsons.  We ate, let the kids have their own booth and think they are big stuff...we could pretend they weren't ours when they were loud.  After dinner we went back to Boni and Travis's and stayed until late.  We love them so much!!  Boni left for NYC today with her mama and I already miss her :)...this is the only picture I got of the night (on my phone)...Owen and his ladies :)...we always joke that Owen is stuck with all these girls, but easy going Owen could care less.  We have an arranged marriage planned for him and Hannah...Boni can't wait to be in laws :)!
Yesterday was super busy!  We had a tball game at 9am.  When we woke up yesterday morning, I walked outside to check the weather to see how the dress the kids. It was nice and warm. I dressed them accordingly and we flew out the door yelling at kids and dogs to get in their respective places to make it in time for the game .  I guess between that time we left and when we arrived, the temp dropped 20 degrees and the wind decided to kick in.  So here I am once again "mother of the year" at a game where most kids and parents are wearing jackets and both my girls are in sleeveless and shorts!!! I felt so bad.  Bree's teeth were chattering and Claire was loudly proclaiming "Mama I am cold, why did you have me wear this shirt??"  I had Bree literally tucked in my short sleeve cardigan I had on and had Claire wrap up in my lightweight scarf.  So I finally decided enough was enough (the game had not even started) and I got back in the car, drove around the park and parked illegally where we could still watch Owen and Daddy who was helping coach.  It was still fun and we yelled louder for Owen from there.  Owen played pitcher and first base this game and was HEEEELARIOUS!  He did a great job scooping up the ball quickly when he was playing pitcher, but instead of throwing to first, he would hold the ball up above his head and dance and celebrate, or taunt the other players that he got it!!! We everyone in the stands laughed so hard, it was fun!  Here is an iphone pic of the girls watching brother from the car window :)...

After the game, we went home, put some more clothes on (it did warm back up some), ate some yummy pizza with Poppy and then made our way to some fun birthday parties!! The first party was for Eva, Jace's little sister.  Tara did the party and pics for Jayme and it was ADORABLE!!!  I am sure she will post about it on her blog

After Eva's party, me and the girls went to sweet Reagan's first birthday party!!  Her mama, Lynlee is a great friend and we love these girls too :)....Tara helped with this party as well and did all the pictures cute!

The last party was just for Claire.  She had her first sleepover last night at her bestie Olivia's house!  She was so excited and had a blast!!  She stayed up until 3am!!!  Here is a picture of her leaving and then a few that Kristen, Olivia's mama, who is my good friend, posted to facebook....yes Claire was dancing on furniture!

We went to church this morning in the pouring rain, went to lunch with Nonna and Poppy, taking it easy this afternoon.  I have a very busy week and some big things are happening for me that I can't talk about just yet.  If you wouldn't mind, please add me to your prayers this week, I am praying for some changes for us!!!!

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