Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Run Owen, RUN!

We are crazy busy this week! The sad thing it is only Tuesday night, blah! When I mentioned to Shane how crazy this week will be, he replies "we are always crazy!l"...true but I am sure it aggravated me...the same way it does when he makes that weird sound in his throat, but I digress...;)...back to crazy busy week...

In addition to the usual dance schedule and Tball, Owen is in football camp at school Mon-Wed, after school until 530. Now, watching a 4.5 year old at a football camp of kids up to upper elementary, is quite hilarious. I stayed and watched today, while Bree slept, Claire did homework, and I worked on my laptop. When Claire and I weren't laughing so hard we were crying at O running around, tackling other boys, and in his own little world, I wanted to run out there and run for him when he was trying so hard to keep up with the big boys (Owen was one of the youngest there). His little legs just weren't fast enough, but I was so proud that he never stopped!! My big boy is growing up!!!

I know those last two are hard to see but he is the one in white shorts and a red shirt. I let him pick out some new ball playing clothes today at Academy (he calls it the "A place" :)) He chose a pair of white and a pair of black shorts. I didn't fight it, but once he ran on the field, I could see his spiderman undies through his shorts from my car :)!

After football, he had a Tball game. I felt so bad for him but he did great! He usually only has games on Saturdays so I was not prepared. In other words, Owen smelled like maple syrup tonight from the breakfast after his game last Saturday morning :).

I have been super busy with work lately too. This morning, I was getting the younger two across the street to mom's house. This is a hilarious picture of Bree, in her pajamas, with her Prada :), walking to Nonna's...

Tomorrow is even crazier and I have to take a day trip to Chicago...going to be insane! Thanks for the prayers last week and please keep raising them up!! Very very soon I will fill y'all in!!!

Now time to sleep...riiigghhtt!!!

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Momma Jac said...

Loving the pjs and Prada and as a football coaches wife... Big thumbs up to Owen for starting football camp and being one of the youngest!! My boys also tend to smell like the last meal they ate in their uniforms at their games...ha it happens!!! Continuing to pray! Have a good week!