Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Happy

Hola! Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post! I am so glad I wrote it so I can remember this big change in our lives and how the Lord got us through it.

So things are great. Like really REALLY great right now. I have the new job to look forward to and I am pretty much done with my old job. So I am spending my last few days at home spoiling the kiddos rotten. Don't feel one bit guilty about it either :)!

We just bought a new car. I changed company cars in November and lost my trusty van to a little car. Booooooooo! It has been tough with three kids In a car, but we managed without losing anyone. We had to buy a vehicle with my new job so we took the opportunity to get a big we got a used Yukon Denali. Cue me doing the happy dance!!!!

So we are having a ball in our new ride, cruising :). I love these kids...even more at a distance in the third row seat...just kidding...kind of :)...

Cue the iPhone pics:

Bree drug that chair over to the swing and climbed in all by herself :)

The new wheels

My ball player :)

Snow cones after school :)))))

Hanging out the sunroof

Owen looking for his buddy next door :)

Happy is as happy does :)

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