Friday, July 26, 2013

My FIRST 5 on Friday!

So I have been reading all my fave bloggers' posts every Friday and they are linking up with the fun crew doing Five on Friday. I am loving it!  I finally had a Friday where I had a few hot seconds to do my own this week!!!
FIVE: Check out at my brand new blog design by sweet Leslie at Sweetie Baby's Blog Designs!! I was looking for a clean new look that was still cheery and she surely delivered!! With me walking away from Suburban Strut for awhile, I still plan to update here as much as possible so I needed an new look.  Go get you a new look too!!!

FOUR: I mentioned this on twitter yesterday, but all this Christmas in July stuff going on zulily and the other sale websites gave me crazy anxiety this week!  Yall know I am all about being prepared and some good holiday attire, but LORD HELP, this is too early.  I am happily ignoring it, buying nothing and waiting awhile. I have not bought any pumpkin outfits yet!! Some of yall may love it and more power to you - but this mama was not ready for it!

THREE: With that being said about not ready for Christmas, I am ready for Fall.  I am ready for football, pumpkins, cooler weather and putting away the summer clothes.  Owen playing football has gotten me ready for the next season and over summer. To think I have my own personal little ball player to cheer for this year makes me so excited!  I think I am also ready for November and my baby niece to be here (see number one in a moment :) ).  And if you read my last post, I am craving the back to school routine like woah!  Fall is the best season of the year and we have so much to look forward to this year!

TWO: Well we are coming upon the busiest part of the year and my two young'ns birthdays!! Owen will be 7 on August 14th and Bree will be 4 on August 21st!  I am in full on party planning mode (you know if my free time ;) ).  We are having a combined party this year in our backyard for the two of them. It is a Splish Splash Bash!  We rented a huge water slide, will have water balloons, and let the kids and their buds have fun in the water! Check out the super cute invites Sarah made me - love them!
sidenote - Friends and family don't think you were not invited - these puppies are going out this weekend :)

ONE: I cannot tell you how excited I am about new babies in the family.  At the beginning of the year, I was feeling a little sad that we did not have babies anymore and that I was DONE.  My kids are so grown up now and it makes me a little sad.  Well then Tara announces she is pregnant and I was cured!!!  Then Shane's brother and his wife find out they are not only pregnant, but having twins!!  I think it is safe to say that I am going to have my baby fix for sure ;). Finding out that Tara is having a girl and being able to buy baby girl stuff again has brought me so much joy and I can. not. stop!  Ask Tara, I have lost my mind and have bought Live Mae so many cute things!  I cannot wait until she is here and I can spoil her rotten :). The Lord is truly blessing our family over the next year and I am so thankful!!
This weekend, Shane found an old wallet that he carried when Claire was a baby. It was full of Claire baby pics and I cried when I saw them...she is such a big girl now!

Happy Friday friends!!!


Sydney said...

Hey Rachel! I think it is so overwhelming to think Christmas is just 6 months away. It feels like I just put up my tree. HA! But, I do enjoy the Holidays so I do look forward to bringing that tree back down...say early November. :-) I blog over at so feel free to stop by and say hello!

Melissa said...

such a sweet post, I love the number 1 five on Friday! I can't wait to see Tara as a mom and your kids with Olivia Mae. You are going to be a great aunt. Have fun parties in August! Love the invite! Sarah did great! :)