Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Routine Cravings

This Summer has been a great one.  We have had tons of fun, made great memories and enjoyed the kids being home with an easier schedule.
But let me be honest. I need the routine back like Owen Brown needs bacon - I am craving it!!  I received my new Erin Condren planner for 2014 about a month ago and I am dying to get it going, it starts in August! There is nothing better than a clean, brand new planner just dying to be filled!   Not trying to wish my days away, but the lack of routine is about to do me under.  I have been getting all the kids schedules for the Fall the past few days from dance hours to ball practice as well as starting to think about school. It is all set and written neatly in the planner...just waiting.
I have not cooked a meal at home in a month weeks!   We have been living on the fly and as much fun as it was in June, we need some order again.  I feel like the kids are even starting to get bored and they are anxious to start school and their activities.  They would never admit that, but I saw the excitement when their brand spanking new back packs came in!!  
Ask me how I feel come March and I am ready to drop kick this pretty planner across the yard and crying about school projects ;).
In other news, if you follow my insta, you know that our life lately has been revolved around two things: football and getting Bree to sleep in her own bed.  Two things that are taking years off my life :).
First football. Owen Brown is the one of the toughest kids I know. He LOVES football.  But it has taken him about a week to get this football thing figured out.  To spare you all the deets, he went from being apprehensive and scared to hurt someone his first week, to last night he was tackling like a machine, talking smack, and having an absolute blast.  I barely breathe at his practices as I am scared of him getting hurt, doing everything right, and also him hurting someone else :). He did so well last night, I thought his daddy was going to burst at the seams.  Also, I am on the football diet.  His practices are in the evenings and we eat after so Owen does not have a belly full of food before in the heat.  I am so stressed at the practice, plus this heat, I have not been eating dinner. Not hungry at all after that mess.  Shane thinks I am nuts. :)

So Bree will be four in a month and we decided it was time to get her out of our bed.  She has been doing really good.  We had to start first with us taking turns sleeping upstairs with her and now she will sleep in her bed with Claire.  She is not totally sure yet and we still have to get up with her some to take her back to bed, but for the most part, it is better.  Shane and I forgot how to sleep without an arm or leg jammed in our sides :).  I still feel like I sleep with one eye open because I am so used to having her right there with me at night, but I am sure I will get used to it soon :).  
Happy day friends!!

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Kati @ along for the ryde... said...

I am craving routine too! I hate to even say that because I know by Christmas I'll be longer for summer again! But goodness--something about a routine makes you feel like you're getting A WHOLE LOT more done!