Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Owen is the MAN

Owen had such a blast playing Tball this year.  He had a GREAT team and daddy helped coach.  They were actually really good and won one game in the tournament.  We were so proud of our boy and see many years at the ball field in our future :) (Owen is the one in shades below :) )

Oh and see Bree's head? Yeah, she fell head first off her bike whilst flying down Nonna's driveway! I got the call while driving home from work that she was hurt and about passed out.  Shane was out of town and it was a drama filled event!  Luckily, she just busted her head open in too spots, not concussion or broken bones. She was tough and told me that "God was with her the whole time" :).  There was tons of blood and all the kids were outside when it happened. Mom told me that my older two started screaming, but then Owen Brown went into a serious mode! He sent the neighbor boy in to get his mom that was a nurse! Then after Bree was in inside getting cleaned up, he cleaned up all the blood in the street on his own.  I have another little Shane Brown on my hands and I could not be more proud :)

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