Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We love Daddy

Let's go back to June, shall we?! 

We celebrated our favorite Daddy on Father's Day. Shane is the best and we are so blessed to have him!  The kids think he hung the moon and is the strongest man in the world...I think he is hot and could not live without him :).  We are a lucky bunch and we had fun celebrating him :)...

So as yall know, I love a good tradition like I love my new purses so I was thinking about something new this year for him.  I saw on Instagram somewhere that a family had a whip cream fight on their summer bucket list and I instantly knew that is what we needed to do!  So I told the kids that is what we are going to surprise Daddy with Father's Day night and from now on we would end every Father's Day that way. By the grace of Jesus, the monkeys kept a secret and we pulled it off.  I led him outside, with his eyes shut where the kids were waiting with their cans, I placed one is his had, said open and it was on.  I don't think we have ever laughed so hard!!!  My hope is to do this forever, even when they are teens and too cool for us...and then when they have kids, they can do the same :)

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