Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday

Well it has been a hell of a week and I am calling it a win if I can get one blog in for the here is our week in 5....
ONE - This week was all about football!  Owen had his first scrimmage Monday night and last night was his first REAL game on a REAL field!  Let's back up to the scrimmage.  Anyone that knows Owen, know that he is real easy going, go with the flow, actually a really sweet little boy.  He LOVES football, but we wondered if when put up against another team, if he would be able to be as aggressive as we thought he could be (did that even make sense?). Well my boy, he delivered! The first time to ever be put up another team, Owen became a man-child! I could hear him growling all the way on the sidelines!! He was awesome and we laughed so hard as his enthusiasm...he was celebrating, talking smack, everything. The icing on the cake?  He was lined up against a HUGE kid.  When I say HUGE, I am taking about a second grader over 100lbs!  Owen was keeping out of the play for the most part, but the kid was so big, Owen could not take him down. Well, Shane and his coaches told him what he was going to have to do get the kid down and on one of the last plays, my Owen TOOK THE KID DOWN TO THE GROUND! Owen was so excited, Shane and Jake were celebrating, and of course I started tearing up like the crazy mother I am. Here he is that night.
 Last night was the first real game.  They lost. But Owen played like a champ and had a blast.  He had a huge cheering section and he LOVED it.  He even looked up in the stands and waved and flashed some peace signs.  Oh my boy :)

TWO - Two is for the twins Shane's brother and sister in law are having - TWO BOYS to be exact. She has two boys already :).  We found out this week at the gender reveal party they are having the boys. The world definitely needs more Brown boys in it and the Lord definitely knew that...but let's all start praying for Lane and her house full of boys, shall we? :) I personally cannot wait to get my hands on those baby nuggets!!!

THREE - We went school supply shopping Wednesday night.  This picture explains it all.  

FOUR - It's August!! August is a favorite month in our house. Two of my kiddos were born in this month, Owen and Bree!  Such a month of blessings!!!

FIVE - Mama got a cut and color this week!!!  I went back dark and it is a fun shorter cut.  That alone made my week so great! 

Happy Friday!!!

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Marisa-The Teacher said...

So excited to have found your blog thru the Five on Friday linky. Your littles ones are super cute and I'm loving the new cut! :)

I'm excited to be one of your newest followers and to read more.

The Teacher and the Coach