Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Our Home

I am joining in on the Nester's 31 Day Blogging Challenge. I am going to blog about our home for the next 31 days, everyday. I absolutely love our home and want to always have these posts to remember how we lived with a house full of kiddos :). It will be a tour of every room in our house and all my fall decor.  I am working on a few big projects so not only will this be a way to post about them, but also keep my booty in check to get it all done :). So.....

Welcome to our home!

We started building this home in 2005 and we were only a family of three.  Claire was just over a year when we finally moved in March 2006.  We picked out everything starting from the lot and floor plan.  We live in a culdesac, across the street from my mom and step dad (and stepbrother Jace).

I know, y'all are probably all shocked that I live across the street from my Mom and I love it, but it really is such a blessing. We have a great relationship and the kids love running across the street to Nonna and Poppy's.  Mom does watch Bree for me and get the kids from school so this is the perfect scenario.

My most favorite things about the exterior of our house is the dark cherry shutters and the stained driveway. I love the colors of my house and think they look the best when decorated for Fall.

 The shrubs need trimming, but I am still loving my fall stuff out!
 (had to remove some bushes or whatever from this flower bed and will not replace until Spring)

 Love my door!  It is huge and needs some TLC - but something about the marks and scratches I love. This door has been "Booed", had many wreaths and had a dog or few scratch it :)
Y'all go join the Nester too!!  Many blogs are joining and should be a fun month!!!


midnightvisitor said...

Nice post. Let's get started...
Mine is 31 Days in Jakarta. Hope you like it. It tells you all about the daily life an Australia Expat family faces in a strange city in Asia.

Amy said...

beautiful home!!! can't wait to see more :)
and i would LOVE to live across the street from my mom. i don't think jeffrey would love it nearly as much i would, but still... ;-)

Ashley said...

LOVE your home!! Cant wait to see the rest :)

Brandi said...

The colors of your home are beautiful! And to live across from your mom, jealous!! Oh, and the cul de sac, jealous again!!!!!

Melody said...

Love this idea and can't wait to see more of your beautiful home.