Friday, September 28, 2012

Snow White in my Bed

Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday y'all - I appreciate everyone of you so much!  After that pity party yesterday, let's be happy today, shall we?

Last Friday night, we had a girl's night and it was so much fun!! I love nights full of laughter with your girlfriends.  

I came home to Snow White in my bed :)...

Sunday, the kids and I decorated the house for Fall and Halloween, here is a shot of the mantle..

We also did our Fall Bucket List as a family! We started this last year and the kids love it.  We all sit together and take turns thinking of activities we want to do this Fall season. I write them down and put them in our "bucket". Throughout the next few months we will be keeping up with our list and taking things out as we complete :).

Last night, Bree and I had a fun photo session...

Hope y'all have a great weekend!! We don't have much planned. Claire is looking better today after a long evening and night last night, so I think we are on on the mend!! Thank you for the prayers!  

Holler at you later!
PS - go on over to Suburban Strut and link up with Outfit Friday! I also posted my first vlog and Bree helped :)

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Anonymous said...

I NEED a girls night!! You have a gorgeous group of girls and it looks like you had funn!

Snow white is adorable haha