Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Random

Well in the last few month, we have had two birthdays, the kids started school, football started, Nicole and Aaron got married and I started a new job.  To say we have been busy and I have been drowning does not even do it justice! I am so behind on laundry, my car is a mess and I just recently realized that it is Fall :).  I am trying to get back in the blogging routine now that I am finding a rhythm with the new job and the kids back at school.  So let's catch up...

I am LOVING my new job!! I am back in a business I know and love and feel at home.  I work with a great team and love our office. I am starting to settle in and that feels great. This was a huge blessing!!  I even have a nice big office to myself and that is a huge plus :).  

The kids have started school and love their teachers.  Both are doing really well and bringing home great work. Owen thinks kindergarten is great and loves all his new friends.  Claire thinks she is big stuff in third grade and is doing so well.  She is really becoming independent and we are so proud of her.

Bree has had a big week!  She decided this past Sunday he was done with "biapers" and we pretty much potty trained.  She is doing so well, that we are shocked! This kid, a week ago, said she loved "biapers".  It still has not hit me that we are pretty much done with diapers FOREVER!  Bree also had her first dance class Tuesday night.  Once again, she shocked us and went right in and did not cry!  She did not really start dancing until the tap part, but she LOVED it!!  I am so thrilled that she loves it and I can see many years of dance ahead with her :)

Well I guess that is it!  Happy Thursday!!


Brandi said...

Bree is seriously the cutest thing ever!!! My kids are your kids'! What is your new job? I started a new job too and LOVE it!!!! My car and my house was a diaster until yesterday....I turned crazy and took control of everything and got it all cleaned. woohoo!! Hope u have a fab Friday!!

Amy said...

precious, precious bree!! she is adorable in that little leotard!!! so glad that things are going well for y'all!! change is always hard, even when they're "good changes" but i'm thrilled to hear everyone is adjusting well! :)

Sarah said...

Love the last picture - Ava's favorite part of dance is the candy at the end - ha! :)