Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of Our Home -Day 5

Tonight there are no pretty pictures.

 Tonight- Oscar is HOME from the vet after being there all week . He has a bag full of meds and instructions to take it easy (bed rest - seriously :) ) for 4 weeks. I know I have three happy kiddos that there big pup is back... But mama is so happy to have one of her boys home.

 Tonight - Shane is on his way HOME after being gone since Sunday for a work meeting. I have dealt with almost losing one of our dogs without him and we all miss him like crazy. I cannot wait to see his handsome face in a few hours.

 Tonight - we are HOME taking it easy, and enjoying an easy night. There is no place like HOME.

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Amy said...

amen! there IS no place like home....especially when all your people are with you! have a great weekend!