Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Letters

Dear Shane,

I am so proud of you!! I know this new job adventure makes you so happy and for me to see you this happy, it makes my heart burst.  Your support to our family is never ending and should be an example to many.  You are my most favorite man in the world and I have thoroughly enjoyed growing with you.  If we could look back at us 10 years ago, there would be so much we would tell us, but I would not change our lives for anything,  I know I don't stop enough most days and tell you how much I love you and appreciate you, but please know you hold my heart and make me happier than Owen when he found his iTouch :)

I LOVE YOU - Rachel

Dear Claire,

Daddy and I are so proud of you.  I know that most days we are telling you what you need to be doing and discussing how you should have done things, but please know that you are everything we could have ever hoped for in our daughter.  I am sorry that you are usually our "test child" as we are learning with you our oldest, and we are still not sure what we are supposed to be doing most days :).  As much as we are getting on to you for your sassiness and talking back, we are also happy to know that you have a backbone and quick wit that will get you very far one day.  I pray that I can be a better example to you and make sure you know that you are a beautiful little lady of the Lord and He thinks you are perfect.  You are such a dedicated little girl and we love to watch you dance and see you express yourself.  Please keep dedicated to school as well and continue your love for reading.  You are a very smart girl and we all acknowledge that, but Mama and Daddy are still smarter and will be until you have kids of your own...then we will forget everything and treat your kids as if we have never parented before :).  We love you so much and could not be more proud.  You are my best friend and I look forward to many years of laughing at these years :)...

Love you - Mama

Dear Owen,

Daddy and I are so proud of you.  You cast a spell on everyone in your life and we all cannot help but love on you.  I know that you sometimes get lost in the shuffle and you like to be independent, but please know that you are such an important member of our family.  Your comic relief, soft heart, and smile are what keeps us all smiling :).  I am sorry that I am always getting onto you in the mornings and making you move faster than you want, but as we discussed Mama and Daddy will go to jail if you do not go to school :).  I am also sorry that I have to get onto you for crying sometimes, but not being able to find your toothbrush does not warrant tears.  One day the ladies will love your emotion, but only Mama counts right now.  I don't tell you enough how much I love you (mostly because you get mad when I kiss you and leave lipstick on your face), but I love you more than any other girl will.  You are the most important little boy in my life and you have completely changed me.

Love you son - Mama

Dear Bree,

Daddy and I are so proud of you.  Your sweet face makes us all melt.  You have changed all of our lives so much and we thank you.  I am sorry I am not home as much with you as I was with the other two, but please know that I think about you all day.  To think that it was ever question whether or not we would have a third child makes me laugh. The Lord knew we needed you.  Now, please also know that Mama has her tubes tied and there will not be a fourth child.  So feel free to start sleeping in your own bed and allow Mama and Daddy to have their bed back :).  You can make a bad day great with just being in the room with me and I never want you to grow up. EVER.  You will forever be my baby and luckily for you, spoiled rotten.  Please remember that Claire and Owen will forever be your best friends and are looking out for you.  I look forward to teaching you that Jesus loves you and so does your family!! 


Thanks for indulging me :)....Happy Thursday!


Laurin said...

So sweet! I love this, " You are a very smart girl and we all acknowledge that, but Mama and Daddy are still smarter and will be until you have kids of your own...then we will forget everything and treat your kids as if we have never parented before :)" How very, very true!

stylemefab said...

So cute and and sweet!!

Taylor said...

Love this!!!!! You've got a very special and blessed family!!

Kelly's Avenue said...

Very sweet letters =)

~Tammy said...

Having never posted a comment on your blog, I must come out from my lurking mode for this one.

Love this entry! Very cute and spoken as only a mother can do!