Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feeling Fall!

Hey y'all! Notice something different?! I decided to change up my look for Fall. Thanks to Kelly (, I love my new Fall look!! Right now she is running a few specials so go check her out! She will do anything for you and is so patient!

Ok, it's no secret, life is crazy at the Brown's home! There is one night a week when we are all home, with nothing scheduled. That night is Wednesday. No dance, no homework and Shane and I try to never plan anything on this night. I try to have a better dinner than usual planned on Wednesdays. I also try to plan a fun activity we can do together as a family after dinner. The kids are at a fun age where a little goes a long way. With me not home as much now, I want to try and create memories with the kids as much as possible. One Wednesday we made our Fall Bucket and we have made other crafts. Sometimes we all just go outside and play. Tonight we made Fall cards for the immediate family.

Since I work for a craft company, fortunately I have many things now to craft with the kids. Tara got a great pic of us as a family at the pumpkin patch and I wanted to give a copy to everyone. So I brought home a bunch of fall stuff, had pictures printed and the kids made big cards for the grandparents and greats and we made smaller cards for some other lovelies! I thought they turned out cute and the kids were proud!

It was fun and I know everyone will love them! Even Bree had fun and was obsessed with a specific pack of shiny pumpkin stickers :). I hope the kids remember these fun times!

BTW - I am blogging from Shane's new iPad he got with his new job and it is FANTASTIC!! I don't know how many more ways I can drop hints that I need one to him, so if you see him, please drop a hint too for me :)...

Happy Fall Y'all!

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Kelly's Avenue said...

I enjoyed doing your new fall design. It was so much fun!!!!

Have a great rest of your week =)

Kelly's Avenue said...

Forgot to add.......those are cute cute cards

Kimberley said...

love the new look! and your cards are so sweet! love homemade gifts!

Taylor said...

LOVE the new look!!!! And I love that craft idea, what a good mama!!

Mrs. J said...

I LOVE your new look!!

Great looking crafts too :-)

~Mrs. J~