Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have a HOT MAMA!

Happy Wednesday!!  As usual, I am a couple blogs behind, but so is the life of Rachel lately. 

We had a GREAT weekend!!  We had our big meeting Friday afternoon, the kids had great parties at school and I did not get out of the office until 6:30!  We had our usual family pizza night Friday night and I was so happy the week was OVER.

Saturday night, we celebrated my gorgeous mom!  She turned 50 on October 4th and we had her party Saturday.  Tara put it all together and it turned out absolutely fabulous!  We all got dressed up, kids included!!  It was really funny taking the kids to Fayetteville, on Dickson street, on a Saturday night.  Even funnier, I was carrying a clutch....and a diaper bag :). 

Words cannot express how much me, Shane and the kids love my mom.  We could not live without her being there for our kids.  Without her, I would not be able to go to work everyday.  She is such a blessing to us with her help and example and I seriously thank God for her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  So now lets get on with pretty pictures!

Owen fell asleep at the table - that boy is not quite ready for partying on the town :)!!

Have a great day!!  PS - My dress is Gianni Bini from Dillards - the girls' came from Dillards and Owen's vest, shirt and tie came from Crazy8.

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