Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day is DONE

Is it seriously almost midnight?! It has been an insane day. Today was one of those days that I know the only way everything worked out was the Lord keeping me sane :). We knew it was going to be a crazy day because Jace had a far away game and mom was gone from 12 on. In true Rachel fashion, it became crazier as the day went on. Because one day I will probably look back at this and laugh at how busy I thought I was, here is how our day went:

740 took kids to school.
830 showed up to work with breakfast (yummy pumpkin crunch bagels)
900 manager tells me that we are all going to have to work late as we need to decorate our showroom and set out vignettes of all our new products and projects for a last minute meeting planned tomorrow
901 cue me in panic mode - Shane had a work dinner planned and I was supposed to pick up the littles at Nina and Papas and Claire from dance after work.
902 Shane tells me he will work it out.
215 take late lunch to pick up Claire from school and get her to dance (remember mom is gone, Nina picked up Owen and had B).
330 drop Claire off at dance, go back to work.
545 Shane gets off work in time to pick up Claire and go to dinner at Nina's.
800 eating dinner at work as we complete all our decorating which I love to do!
900 leave work and go to Walmart to pick up diapers and the last few things for the kids' goodie bags for homecoming parties tomorrow
930 get home and see the kids (that are supposed to be asleep) and tell everyone love you and good night.
1030 finished putting together goodie bags, teacher gifts and getting everything together for Owen's party (I am HR mom)
1045 climb into bed with a passed out Bree and get on Shane's iPad

See! Insane. I was a bit sad because I am going to miss the kids' parties tomorrow thanks to said last minute meeting. Seeing as I am the homeroom mom, I was a bur stressed. Mom and Shane are going to help me and go tomorrow and take lots of pics :).

Here are pics of the goodie bags for Owen's class and cookies for Claire's. The theme is homecoming and they are "tailgating" on the playgrounds. I have Owen's class decorating blue cow bells for their craft!:) I ordered these super cute labels from Erin Condren to decorate the goodies. I always give the teachers a small gift for each party...this time a Southern Living mag and candy :)...

Random post I know....I just need to go to bed! Peace out bloggers!!!

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Mrs. J said...

I just think that it is AMAZING that you can be HR Mom and work outside the home - You Rock!

I am home full time and I struggle to be a team mama for football!!

~Mrs. J~

Brandi said...

U r one awesome momma!!!!!!!! I will be looking to you for advice when i get back full time. U rock!!!!!!!!