Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!   Seeing as we are a week and a half away from vacay, days are going by sooooo slow!!   Somehow, though, I am still running around like a crazy woman..never fails.  Whatevs.  Let's go...Words of Wisdom Wednesday!!

Sleeping in the playroom every night on a pallet in the floor can be fun for kids and feel like camping...even better for Mama when their beds have stayed made for almost a week!

Your 7 year old and almost 5 year old do not need iTouchs. 

An iTouch will be one of the greatest things you can ever give a 7 year old and almost 5 year old.  Picture this: *Silence* and no fighting at the pizza place.

An almost 5 year old will become obsessed with said iTouch.  It might be an issue when he wakes you up at 3am (he does not need sleep and woke up in the middle of the night) to listen to his favorite song.

It is great when his favorite song is "The Way" by Jeremy Camp or as he calls it "Jesus Song".

It is not great when you find your son with all the neighborhood boys laughing hysterically over the "pooting cat" on his iTouch.  Even worse, when you find him laughing hysterically with his daddy and poppy over the "pooting cat" on his iTouch.

Spending 24 hours with your husband while your kids stay with grandparents is absolutely wonderful and is a great thing!

Leaving your children with grandparents where apparently they install the cry buttons back on your babies feet that were removed several months ago, not always a great thing (cry buttons are little buttons on the bottoms of their feet so when they touch the ground, they make your baby cry :))

Sugar Free Red Bull is the best pick me up on summer mornings.  Especially over ice.

A 23 month old will not go into shock if she finishes off a Red Bull she found in the kitchen that was left over from what her Daddy did not finish.

Trying to bake cookies and eat them in secret when your kids are in bed (read: playroom floor) is hard.  Even harder when baby mentioned above has finished a Red Bull moments before.

Chocolate chip cookies are just as good at midnight.

Drinking ice water instead of milk with said cookies erase all calories :)

Have a great day!!!!


dottie said...

Cry buttons! So true.

Loved the Red Bull too. Ha, ha!

Lovely little blog!

Johannah said...

Love your blog post! I came across your blog this evening and this post made me laugh!! The joys of being a mom!! =)