Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting in Gear

Happy Friday!!  Best words ever!!

I am really looking forward to the weekend.  This week has been busy with work and home.  I really need to get some things done this weekend.  Weekends mean so much more to me now that I am working in the office. 

Inspired by Blue Eyed Bride, I am creating my "Life Management Notebook".  She created a wonderful Home Management Notebook and it really inspired me to get my act in gear and organized.  I saw the need to incorporate my work life in it as well.  I also ordered me (and Nonna :)) LifePlanners from Erin  They are very smart and fabulously gorgeous as well.  They are a little pricey, but I think it woud be worth the money to have more organization in my life.  My goal is to have a binder that includes all my calenders, the kids' and Shane's calenders as well as my Menu Planning, Prayer Lists, Vacation Planning, Party Planning and Blog Planning.  Blue Eyed Bride also included many printables that are easy to use and very helpful.  Once I get mine completed, I will share.  Go check her blog out, it will definitely inspire you!

I am busy busy preparing for our trip to Gulf Shores!  I have lists made out of things I have to get done this weekend and outfits that I need to finish for me and the kids.  It is ridiculous how much I stress myself out over clothing, but it is what it is :).  I love it anyway!  I am really trying to be as organized as possible this trip to prevent any extra stress on the 12 hour drive and 7 days in the house with all our family.  This trip will be much different from last year as Bree is older and does not need so much gear!  Last year she still needed bottles!!!  It will be a huge relief that she is more independent even though I miss my rolly polly chunk baby girl. Look at how much they have grown since last year...

I can hardly wait to go!!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!


Sassy Amie said...

I like the idea of a life management notebook to help keep life a little more organized.

I live really close to Gulf Shores! I hope you all have a great time while you are down here!

dandi mae said...

That's awesome! I love having a binder. I have 6 for each 4 seasons, one for sewing, and one for food and recipes and stuff like that. I have too much!!! lol good luck getting them together, they'll help SO much!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love the photos! They are growing up!

Jen said...

Holy cow! Just looked at the Erin Condren Life Planner...and my heart started beating a little faster! I ordered a striped one with my name on it. I really want the teacher's plan book...but don't know if I can justify another $50! Might have to find a way, though. I am a SUCKER for pretty paper goods. :) Now I'll have to buy pretty new pens to write in it!!

I totally know my life will become aligned because of this super cute planner...ha! ;)