Thursday, July 14, 2011

Better than Bacon...

Today is me and Shane's 10 year Anniversary!  Wow!!  10 years is a long time but at the same time, it seems like yesterday, we were getting married on a hot Saturday in July!  It is so crazy to think that we had no idea, that ten years later, we would have three little people with us everyday that we love to the moon!

I could do a long, mushy, romantic post about how much I love my Shane, but that's not me.  Instead, Shane and I surveyed our kids the other night, questions about us 10 years ago and before.  All three children were quizzed and I took all three answers...including B :), so I had to do some translating and just write down whatever she said :)...I also included below their answers, the correct answer.  ENJOY!

1.  How old were Mama and Daddy when they met?
Claire - Daddy - 18, Mama - 17
Owen - Daddy - 4, Mama - 6
Bree - Daddy - "K", Mama - 2

I was 15 and Shane was 17.

2.  How old were they when they got married?
Claire - Daddy - 25, Mama - 24
Owen - Daddy - 10, Mama - 11
Bree -Daddy - "K", Mama - "K"

I was 20 and Shane was 21.

3.What did Mama love most about Daddy?
Claire - "He looks good!"
Daddy - "His kiss"
Bree - "Kiss" *she kissed me ;)"

I loved his southern accent, his blue eyes, and his kisses :). 

4.What did Daddy love most about Mama?
Claire - "Her pretty hair"
Owen - "Her dress"
Bree - "Mama's B's" - her exact answer, Shane loved it...:)

Shane loved my smile and thought I was a hottie :) (I totally answered that for him :))

5 .  Where did Daddy take Mama on dates?
Claire - Dinner
Owen - Fishing
Bree - "over there" as she points over there :)

We used to go to the movies all the time, Sonic and Applebees.

6. Where did we meet?
Claire -"In a car"
Owen  - "At that place, you know running errands" (running errands to Owen = the mall :))
Bree - we lost Bree for a moment here and she started saying "I want color!" because I was writing on a pad of paper..

We actually met in a car.  Shane and my best friend came to pick me up and I met him when I got in his car.

It was complete chaos when we were asking these questions.  Owen asked me right after the above question while messing with his big toenail "If I take this off, is something coming out of there?"  B had taken off and come back with crayons and a coloring book.  Claire had gotten each kid a string cheese.

7. What was our first fight about?
Claire - "yall fought about what game to play, mama wanted soccer, daddy wanted football"
Owen - "Mama needs to be nice"
Bree - *wants more cheese* no answer :)

Our first fight was Shane jealous over some other boys :)

8.  Where was our first kiss?
Claire - "on your first date, in a restaurant"
Owen "in a car"
Bree - "the house"

On our first date, in a car..

9.Where did we get married?
Claire - "at a fancy place"
Owen - "at the mall"
Bree - "outside" *pointing outside

We got married at the country club here.

10.  Where did we go for our honeymoon?
Claire - "Hawaii"
Owen - "the beach"
Bree - something in Chinese and apparently was very funny because she was laughing hard :)

We went to the Bahamas!

11.What did Daddy's parents like and not like about Mama?
Claire - "You were very nice, but you had a little head"
Owen - "They liked that you ate their dinner, but you fight too much"
Bree - she said "pants" for what they like and "hat" for what they don't like

They loved everything about me!! HA! - I am starting to think Owen thinks we fight too much ;)!!

12.  What did Mama's parents like and not like about Daddy?
Claire - "He looks good, but he comes over too much!"
Owen - "He swims, but he fights too much"
Bree - she said "eyes" for what they like and when asked what they didn't like she started speaking Chinese again and was laughing so hard with her hand over her mouth :)

They loved everything about Shane!

13. How long will Mama and Daddy be married?
Claire - 1000 years
Owen - "until you see somebody else"
Bree - she was done.

I think was my most favorite blog ever :)!!

Shane Leighton Brown - you are the best thing that has ever happened to are the jelly to my roll, the icing on my cupcake, the teasing comb to my hair, the bacon to my eggs, and the guacamole on my make everything better and me a better person!!  I will love you forever and ever, you handsome, hunk of man!! I am one damn, lucky girl!!!


stylemefab said...

Loved this post! Your kids are hilarious! Happy 10th Anniversary!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Hi there-- Visiting from Jimmy Choo's and Tennis Shoes.. Can't wait to read more around here! Have a great day! :)

Melissa said...

Girl thanks for the smile you put on my face this morning! I loved this post! Owen is so cute with his answers! I bet you both were laughing the entire time!!!

Kimberley said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Loved the post!!

Taylor said...

This was too cute!! Congratulations on such a wonderful 10 years and happy anniversary!!!

Taylor said...

This was too cute!! Congratulations on such a wonderful 10 years and happy anniversary!!!

The Anglin Family said...

Aww, so Cute!!! Made me smile! Congratulations on 10 years!! :)) Hope you have a great day!

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Too cute! Loved it and Happy Anniversary!

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This- hilarious! Loved it! Happy day to you and hubbs! =)))

Ashley said...

Awww, I wish you had posted a picture from back then and from your wedding! I LOVE people's wedding pictures! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BROWNS!!

Kelly's Avenue said...

This is too cute, I was cracking up!!! LOVE IT.........hope y'all had a great Anniversary!!