Monday, July 11, 2011

Popsicle Smiles

I would say happy Monday yall, but let's face it, Mondays are for the birds!  I am taking my lunch break to sit and blog. The mobile car wash guys are here at my office and they have been working on my car for HOURS!!  Seriously!!!  I wonder how many children they could feed from all the food they are finding in the back seats?  Since they are still working on it, I ordered Jimmy Johns (mmmm Beach Club), blogging and playing on pinterest.  Let's hear about our weekend, shall we?

Friday was a good day.  Both Shane and I got off early thanks to summer hours and we were home by 3. I have never been a napper but since I went back in the office, I am exhausted all the time and have found myself dozing off when I am at home and I did the same Friday.  I won't say it should have never griped at Shane before when he was always complaining he was tired after work, but I am regretting a few words. :)  Friday night we grabbed take out and played outside, our usual summer night.  Heath came by with the boys and the kids play outside until dark.  Another great summer evening full of popsicles, bikes, dirt, sidewalk chalk, strawberries (on their knees, not shortcake), and of course a few fits thrown and fighting over scooters...

As you can tell, I have found a few fun apps and I am enjoying myself playing with pictures.

Saturday, Mom, the girls and I did some beach shopping in the morning.  The good thing about going to the beach so late in the summer is all the good deals on swimsuits and such!  We have found some great deals and I am sure I have managed to spend just as much as I would have before, just more stuff :).  Saturday afternoon, Claire and I went to the sweetest event!!  Claire's dance teacher, Ms. Meghan got married Saturday night.  She had a small wedding, but still wanted to experience the day with all her dance girls and their mamas.  So they had an "Honorary Bridesmaid Party" for all of us to get dressed up and come by to see her and take pics!  So much fun...

When did my little girl grow up???

We stayed home Saturday night and watched the Justin Bieber movie.  Claire asked me "How does he do it? How does he make all of us girls fall in love with him??!" :).  She was in rare form that night...

Sunday was great.  Tara called me that afternoon and asked to take the older two swimming and spend the night.  YES PLEASE!  They were bored after spending the whole weekend with us :) and we had a ton to do. 

We went to the store, did laundry, GREAT day :)!!  That night, we grilled steaks with mom and Jake and had another night outside.  Bree was the center of attention (as always).  I also made what we call crack-corn.  Butter puff corn + melted almond bark - YUMMMO!!

Great weekend, but too fast!!  Not too much longer until the beach vacay though!!!!

BTW - go by Melissa's blog!  She is doing a series on working mamas and mine is up tomorrow morning!!!


Madison's Mommy said...

SO cute! You seriously have the cutest family!! Love your blog!

Heidi said...

Looks like your family had such a fun weekend. Your family is precious!

Kelly's Avenue said...

What a fun weekend y'all had!!!