Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My life on Facebook!

So I put so much of the funny things the kids say and do on Facebook and I realized it does not always make it to the blog :( I thought I would paste in some of my favorite status updates and pictures from the past month from my wall.  Boni did this a couple weeks ago and I totally stole the idea :).  So here are some funny things from our life over the past month :)...

I have been saying for awhile that Bree is never going to talk bc she really doesn't have to :)...well I realized today that we just haven't been translating and she has her own language. She calls her cup, her "mup" and her paci is a "ne-ne". I could eat her up :)!

Owen got a couple new scarfs yesterday, really cool ones with skulls and crossbones on them. This AM as we were all walking out to the cars, Shane getting in his as well, Owen stops and says, "Hold on!! I need to put my skirt on!!". I thought Shane was going to pass out and I was utterly confused. He ran back in th...e house and came back with one of his masculine scarves on...otherwise known as a skirt :)...

November know what time it is??!! Time to break out the Christmas movies!!!! "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?!" :)

Tonight Claire was asking how many days until Halloween. Owen yells from across the house "We gonna get candy!!". I agreed with him and and then asked "Owen, what do you say when the neighbors answer the door?!". Owen yells "CHRISTMAS TREES!!!"...Claire and I about died laughing, I guess it rhymes??!'

Seriously just cleaned up my kitchen from a spontaneous food fight started by my 30 year old husband!!! Owen and Claire thought it was best dinner ever, Bree screamed crying the whole time :)...if you need me, I will be washing mashed potatoes out of my hair

Went out to cabin to check on daddy's feeder...too funny when Shane got the idea to sit on deck and watch for deer...3 children asked to be quiet!! Ha! Claire was singing when she was not squealing at the sight of bugs, O kept asking "Do you see deer daddy?!" very loudly and B chanting dada over and we did not see any deer :).

Embarassing moment #547: while working in the two year old room this morning, a sweet girl loved my shirt. While sitting in my lap, she unbottons top three buttons of pretty shirt. When giving sweet girl to her mother, she points out that my bra is completely exposed. I about died!!!!! Shane thought it was hilarious...

Sitting at Guidos...a very cute little boy comes over grinning at Claire...ladies and gentlemen we have officially met "H", in other words the playground cassanova :)...

Today I am thankful for healthy kids at school, diet cokes, my Mama, my girl Amy that cracks me up, my husband who is not driving me crazy wanting me to bring him lunch, and the best thing in the world and what I am dedicating today to, Bree's pink pacifier, without it, this day would not be possible. :)

Praise Jesus!!! Bree is actually asleep in HER bed as we speak!!! It has been so long, it took me 15 minutes to find our video monitor...we quickly found the camera by following a random cord plugged in to Owen's shut pajama drawer...apparently he needs to keep an eye on his pj pants :)

BURNT OUT!!! Anyone want to invest in a new company for me ;)???? I am thinking "Professional Baby Dresser" or "Professional Lady Who Lunches" or "Professional Party Thrower", or better yet "Professional Blow Your Budget-er"...any takers???? kidding...kind of...;)

Back seat of the van tonight: Me: "Claire quit arguing with O, he is just a little kid.". O: "I not a wittle kid, I am a big boy!" Claire: "Then does that mean I can be mean to you?!" O: "No it means I eat hot dogs and I can tackle you in football!"...Duh!!! Needless to say they kept arguing :)

All day Shane has been stressing he lost his glasses. He had a terrible day at work bc he is practically blind. I looked all over the house and didnt find him. I ask Claire after school if she has seen them, she starts giggling, is off for a minute and brings them to me. She hid them from her Daddy...chip off the old block:)...trying to keep from laughing :)!

Owen is supposed to bring something that starts with "a" for show and tell. In true Shane and Rachel fashion, we remembered at 7 this am. I put Shane in charge of it...we get in the van and I see O is bringing deer antlers to school!!!!! His teacher is going to love us, HA!! Owen says "this not start with a, it is the rack!" :)

First attempt at a pumpkin pie this Fall. Spilled pumpkin pie mixture all over kitchen floor and oven while moving un-baked pie to oven. When walking in on the mess, Claire told me that I probably should not have my own cooking show.

watching all three kids color at the kitchen table. No flying elbows, no drinks spilling and no screaming...pure bliss...until I notice no one gave Bree something to color on, just a crayon...and her masterpiece is on my table :)!

Here are some iphone pics I have been uploading to FB...

Bree scaling the gate one night after the older two went to bed :)
 Owen giving Mama "thumbs up" for her new rain boots!
 Three loves!
 Bree in her sweet big girl outfit all ready to go to lunch with Mama!!
 Bree obviously bored with me and Amy's lunch convo :)
 Claire was feeling so much better last week and she asked to go to Chilis for dinner!
 Owen was supposed to bring an item for show and tell that started with the letter G....
 Pretty Bree
 Getting in Nonna's make up drawer...
 Now we are caught up :)!!! 


Charbelle said...

So much fun!!! Great pictures!!!

Brandi said...

Too funny and I love the pics! Once again, your kids are precious!!!

Ashley said...

LOVE all of these!!!!! GREAT POST!! =) HUGS!