Thursday, November 11, 2010

Claire loooooooves Jason!

Happy Thursday!!!  As I am catching up, I realized that I never posted about the big Anniversary Party for my grandparents back in October!! My Nina and Papa have been married for 50 years!!!  This is a huge thing, so we knew we wanted to do it up right and celebrate!!  My uncle Kurt has some connections through his company and he was able to book one of Nina's favorite Country Stars and who was also the runner up on Nashville Star, JASON MEADOWS!!!!  So we threw a huge party and surprised them with Jason.  We decorated the venue in all fall decor and it was so much fun.  Seriously, when I look back at the pictures and remember, I know that it will be one of those nights that we will remember for the rest of the lives, especially the kids.  It was so much fun and we danced the night away. 

Let me tell you, the Jason Meadows Band is a great group of guys!  They were so nice and did an AWESOME job.  They were even sweet to my kids and had Claire and Owen eat lunch with them that day during rehearsal.  Jason, if you don't know him, you will see below in pictures, is a C U T E!!!  The funny thing, Claire thought so too ;).  She was shy around him at the beginning and kept on whispering to us that she thought he was cute and told us not to tell Daddy ;).  By the end of the night, she actually jumped on stage with him and danced...that's my girl ;)!

The kids still talk about "Jason" and Claire says she looooooves him...Enjoy all the fun pics below!!


Charbelle said...

Great pictures!!! Y'all know how to throw a party!!! The little boots in the last pic, fabulous!!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Precious photos!! I just love your family! Tara is fabulous! So glad I've found your blog!! And those sweet kids of yours - love them!