Monday, November 1, 2010

Always speaking too soon...

What a weekend!  Well let's see, the last time I left you, Claire was under the weather and we had a big end of the week and weekend ahead.  Oh man, things did NOT go as planned....

So the last blog post Claire was not feeling well and I just thought she was tired.  That next night we were supposed to go to the kids' school carnival where they could dress up in their costumes with all their buddies.  Well that night, Claire started throwing up and missed the next day of school.  She stopped vomiting that next morning and was feeling pretty good that day, perked up and was begging to go to the carnival.  Well we got our costumes on, took pictures, loaded up, and we were barely out of the neighborhood before Claire got sick AGAIN!!  We turned around and went home.  So sad.  Claire had not really had anything to eat or drink in over 24 hours and we were not liking things at that point.

The next day, I once again kept her home from school.  The sad thing, she was still not feeling well and we missed a fun Halloween play date for Bree, a Halloween party after school, and the WORST, Claire did not get to perform at halftime of the Saints game Friday night as a pee wee cheerleader.  We kept on saying and thinking she was getting better, but then she would get sick again (no fever at all the whole time) and we would have to cancel yet another event.  Claire was sad.  Mama and Daddy were very worried, she had not kept anything down since Tuesday night and it was now Friday.  We were also living in a fog of Lysol as we were scared to death the little ones would get it ;(!

Friday afternoon, she fell asleep at 4pm and did not wake up until 8am Saturday morning. We were holding our breath when she woke up as we had big plans of me and Shane going to the game and tailgating Saturday and the kids had a fun day and evening planned at Nana and Papa's.  She woke up, said she was feeling better, took a bath, kept some goldfish down and we were in the we thought.  We waited to the last minute Saturday seeing if she was going to get sick again before we took her to the grands' and us go to the game.  When we dropped her off, she was all dressed up and just really tired.  We were unsure, but they had it under control and told us to go and have fun.

We did. :)

During the tailgate, Nana calls and tells us she is throwing up again.  She said to go to the game and she will be fine there.  At the very beginning of the second qtr, we get a text to come home, Claire is bad and crying for us.  We left....very quickly.  My shins are still on fire from briskly walking back to the car.

We get to Shane's parents house and she was so lethargic, she could not keep her eyes open.  We scooped her up and took her to the ER.  As soon as they saw her, they quickly hooked her up to an IV with fluids.  She was so brave and we were so proud of her.  She did not cry and handled it so well.  They gave her some meds and tried to get her to keep some liquids down.  She didn't.  They, for awhile, were planning on admitting her, but in the end, they gave us some meds and sent us home.  It was a such a long night but we are so thankful we took her in and we know the Lord was watching over her.

So Sunday morning, Halloween, we did not go to church (had custom Halloween dresses made for the girls, no one wore them and that sucked) and let everyone sleep in as we did not get to bed until after 1am.  Claire woke up feeling GREAT, hungry and thirsty!!!  We were sooooooo happy the fluids helped her and she was so dehydrated before, that is exactly what she needed.  She ended up having a FABULOUS Halloween!!! 

Sooooooo here are a bunch of pictures taken over the course of the weekend.  I will post Halloween pictures next, there are already 40 pics on this post ;)!!  Enjoy!!

This is Friday afternoon.  Claire was sleeping so I took the little ones outside so she could have a quiet house.  They are wearing their new custom Halloween shirts.  Claire had one too for school, but of course she did not get to wear it :(...

This is Thursday night all dressed up going to the Carnival.  You can tell Claire does not feel good and she was not up for pictures.  Spoke to soon and we didnt get to go :(...but they looked cute!

Saturday afternoon going to the Halloween party at Nana and Papa's...once again spoke to soon thinking she was well :(...but they looked cute :)!

This picture makes me sad bc she does not even look like herself :(...

Bree was in a bad mood, but I loved her dress :)

At the tailgate! 

Yes, I took pics in the hospital...she was just being so brave and as soon as they started that IV, she got color again and looked gorgeous even in a hospital bed :)
This is Shane explaining the IV to her :(...
All good with the IV now!

"Make a sad face!"
I love this girl to pieces and she scared the daylights out of me this weekend!!! She is the most beautiful baby girl, not only on the outside, but on the inside too.  We are so proud of her and I would have done ANYTHING to take this away from her!  Thank you Jesus for sweet SWEET Claire Isabella!!!

So how was our Halloween?????...come back tomorrow;)!!


Brandi said...

Poor thing, glad she is feeling better!!!!! And as always, your kids look precious!!! Toooo cute! Hope you have a fabulous week!

Sherrie said...

Sorry Claire was feeling so under the weather last weekend. Nothing worse than a sick child. :( Glad she is feeling better and got to enjoy herself on Halloween. The kids all look adorable as usual. :)

Brittany said...

Aww:) All your kids are so sweet. Poor Claire! I am so happy she is feeling better and ended up having a great Halloween!

In this wonderful life... said...

Poor Claire!!! So glad she is okay!! love all the sweet kiddo pics :)