Monday, April 12, 2010


I HEART SPRING!!! I love the weather, the way the air smells, tulips blooming, EASTER, the clothes, EVERYTHING!!! We have had a wonderful start to Spring around here and I have a ton of pictures to post from it! This time of year is always a nice refresh and reminder of how blessed we all really are! I swear I even love my home more this time of year, being outside, just enjoying how we have been blessed!! Everyday I am so thankful for my friends and wonderful family!! These three kids can drive me absolutely bonkers sometimes, but I love them so much and we have had a great time in the last few weeks! They are all at really fun ages, Claire is getting so big and is becoming quite the little lady, Owen is getting so independent and is developing the funniest personality, and Miss Bree is just the little light in our lives when she scrunches that nose and smiles!! I have thought so many times in the last few days that I wish time would stop and I could never forget these feelings, these moments, the way their hair smells, the way it feels to hold their little hands, and just how thankful I really am!! I think I am going to need to print this blog post and tape it to my desk so I can remember too when I am ready to lose my mind when they are all yelling MAMA at the same time ;)....
Enough with the Rachel are MANY pictures!!!!!
One Sunday before Easter...all dressed up for church!

Claire all dressed for her first day back to school after Spring Break! Playing outside on a beautiful day!
Claire was dressed for dance class!

Me and Baby girl!!

Owen before his school Easter Party!

Claire just looking cute before school...

I checked Claire out of school early on the Friday before Easter to get our Easter pedicures and have lunch at the Crumpet Tea Room! All of us girls went and had a blast!

The day before Easter, Claire and Nonna did some "Gartnering" =) and then we dyed eggs!

Decorating our eggs

Me and my babies before Church on Easter...Shane was not feeling well all weekend so we had to go to church without him =(...

Easter at Church!

The Easter Bunny goodies!! Bunch of fun stuff for vacation to Gulf Shores in 2 months!


Suz said...

Love the pics!!! You guys all look so great!

In this wonderful life... said...

Love all the pictures! You guys are the cutest! And Bree's little smile... I can't get over it!

Whitney said...

Love all the precious pics!!! :)