Monday, April 26, 2010

Friends and Crawfish!

We had a great weekend!! Our best friends David and Amy invited us to come down to Little Rock for Amy's sister and BIL's Crawfish Boil!! So, Shane's parents took the kids all day Saturday and Sunday, we loaded up Saturday morning with David and Amy and drove down!! We had so much fun as that crew in LR is a blast and our other buddies, Josh and Amber, met up with us at the party! It was a fun night and a great short getaway!! We came home today, Bree was excited, Claire and Owen were less than thrilled that we were already back...crying and begging to stay with the grandparents :)! Today, I am recovering from the weekend, trying to get everything back in order and preparing for another week! I think this is actually going to be a low key week with work and such, I should be able to get laundry done, clean the house, get caught up on things....or I could go eat lunch with friends, do a little shopping and catch up on The Real Housewives...I know what I would rather do =)!! Happy Monday!!!

Me and my girl Amy!!!
The boys playing washers... Shane feeding me a crawfish =)...he didn't want me to touch it or really see it, probably not a good sign ;)
Two of my favorite girls!!! Me and the fabulous hostess, Mrs Kim!!
Pretty girls!!

Me and my date this weekend!

Cute Amy and David!!

Love Amber and Josh - going to miss them!!


amywelborn said...

Fun, Fun, and MORE FUN!!! We had a blast this weekend. ITs our new tradition...we're crashing aggain next year....hahaha!!! You forgot to mention yummy Whataburger:) a road trip!!

Maggie said...

What a fun weekend for you guys!! Cracking up at the kids wanting to stay with Grandma when you got back... Jonah does the same thing!! =)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

Whitney said...

Sounds like my kids when they stay with my parents... a few weekends ago Kennedy (almost 2) cried b/c she didn't want to come home! :(