Monday, February 9, 2009


Happy Monday (yeah right =))! Hope you had a great weekend!! I actually had my best weekend in weeks and I can't wait to post about it, but first here are my answers to all your great questions...

Sarah said...
Okay here's my question.....where do you get your decorating ideas from??? I just love the way your office is decorated! Where do you get your inspiration?

Thanks Sarah!! I have to give all my decorating ability genes and learnings from my Mom. Her house is unbelievable and I learn from her. I like to decorate in the things I like, it is just that simple! I look at magazines and I love to shop at fun home boutiques, but I love a bargain and am always looking for them. My style is every eclectic, but still traditional and not too edgy. I seriously just do what I like. My favorite color is red, so 75% of the rooms in my house has red in it. We love to entertain and a main focus when building and decorating our house was that it would be easy to entertain in. I am also very conscientious of things being functional, since I do have 2 rowdy kids and 2 dogs...and a husband =). We seriously LIVE in this house and I wouldn't have it any other way!

As far as my office, it is one of my favorite rooms in the house! My inspiration came from the vintage L'Oreal poster I won at an auction at one of our sales meetings. L'Oreal is a very New York City, urban company. I wanted to give my office that feel, but still make it Rachel.

Lindsey said...
How did you and your hubs meet?What was your fave part of your wedding day?

Shane and I are high school sweethearts, we met when I was 15! Please go here where I wrote the whole story last year. I think it is a sweet story =)!!

My favorite part of my wedding day was when we entered the reception for the first time as husband and wife. Then we walked around to every table and greeted each and every guest. It was such an awesome feeling seeing all of our friends and family there together for us. And of course, I LOVED walking down the aisle to My Shane!

CAMoore said...
Ok - so my question is HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME WITH STAYING HOME WITH KIDS AND WORKING FOR A WMT VENDOR!? You must be super mommy! I am in the same situation with my job and I love being home with Cyler, but some days I think I will never see the end. Any tips for this new mommy/new to the working from home scene!

Oh Amanda - I remember how I felt in the beginning!!! When Claire was born, I thought I would have no problem working from home with an infant, you know they just slept all the time!!! Well, fast forward to my first conference call and I had to mute my end as Claire was screaming the entire time, when I would have to talk, I would hurry and take it off mute, with her screaming and say my piece, then turn the mute back on. Luckily, the others on the call got more amusement out of it, but I was so mortified. So, how do I do it??? It has taken me a long time to figure out the time management piece. I always get up with the kids in the mornings and eat breakfast with them. That is my thing I always do. On preschool days, I want to always be the one to take them to school. It has pretty much become known with my Team that is my morning plan. Now of course other things sometimes come up and I don't get my way, but I always try. Now that they are going to school two days a week, 9-1, I get ALOT of my work done then. Then everyday, I work while Owen sleeps in the afternoon and Claire is old enough to play on her own or watch a movie. I have help on other days from my Mom as she comes over and watches them when needed. On the days that they are not in school, she helps me so much. We also always try to get out those days and do lunch and run errands (...or hit the mall). The truth - I am not afraid to let a call go to voicemail and call them right back and I plan A TON around my kids. They come first and that is why I work from home. I have been known to even work at night after the munchkins are in bed rather than get something done during the day. You have to find that happy medium and really plan your time accordingly. I do have to travel some and there is a couple months a year where I am away from my home office a couple days a week, but I think the rest of the year makes up for it. I have an awesome job and work for an AMAZING company, I literally thank God everyday for it!! You will figure it out...that is why we are Mom's, we can manage EVERYTHING!!! =)

Carolyn said...
I would like to know where you came up with Rhett or Bree as the newest babies names. Are they family names?

Great questions C!! I love to talk baby names!! I think it is very important to use family names somewhere in your kids names. Luckily, Shane and I have some great names to use and each of our kids have one. We also had favorite "non family" names chosen, so we wanted to use them to. So here is how they work:

Claire Isabella - My maiden name is "Caire" so that is where I got Claire. I have always loved Isabella so we used that as her middle name.

Owen Keith - Owen was one of my most favorite boy names and we have a thing for short name, one syllable names =). Keith is Shane's dad's name and I have always loved it.

Rhett Wilson - Rhett is after our favorite movie, Gone with the Wind. Wilson is my great- grandfather's name, Mom's side.

Bree Leighton - We love Bree (again the short name =)) and Leighton is Shane's middle name. I have always loved it and that was a close second for our boy name.

My name is Megan... said...
Now that you have a boy and a girl...what do you hope #3 is?? What do you feel it is??

I will be honest, I went into this third pregnancy, wanting another girl. I really wanted Claire to have a sister (and all I could see is the adorable head bands =)). But the further I come along, I would love to see Owen have a brother close to his age. Boys and girls are sooooo different and I have found pros and cons for both. At this point, I can honestly say that either way I will be in no way disappointed.....although if it is a girl, we will be a little more short in the bank account =).

Today, I feel like it is a boy. Ask me again tomorrow =). I think it is so funny though that yall are so split...look at the poll on my sidebar =)!!!

Elizabeth said...
I'm getting married in May...where did you and your hubster register for your wedding?

Congratulations Elizabeth!! Your question made me giggle as I had to think a ways back!! We registered at Penneys, Pier One, and Wal-Mart. I cannot even imagine where I would now as there are so many more places since 2001!! Have fun and register for EVERYTHING!! You will wish you had =)!!

The Heckathorns said...
Hello pretty lady! My questions are:1. Do you ever drive Shane crazy with all your parties and shopping? (LOL, if he doesn't go nuts, he's a saint! Haha!)2. Do you talk to people we graduated with often?3. What kind of dog is Oscar Chang and why did you name him that? (he's a cutie, but I want Tara's schnorkie! Haha!)

1. Crazy with shopping - YES!!! I am getting better, but I think I am responsible for some of the balding on poor Shane's head =). Parties - NO - Shane loves the parties too, he just may not tell you that =)!! As long as I do not go overboard in BUYING things for the parties, he enjoys them. I was lucky enough to marry a man that grew up in a house that was always entertaining!! Becky Brown is a pro =)!

2. I keep in touch with a few, but we rarely see each other. I hate that, but we are all so busy.

3. Oscar Chang is a French Bulldog. We bought him from a sweet family that already named him, but he looks like an Oscar and I love it!! There last name was Chang. Oscar is a sweetie and Owen's best friend =). BTW - Sadie Jane is the sweetest dog ever and I recommend her to EVERYONE!!

Maggie said...
OK, since I know you pretty well already... I want you to tell the Taca Bucca story. LOLOL!!! =)

Thanks Maggie =) - Okay when I was little, I decided that I did not like my name anymore. So I went to my Mom and Nina and told them that I wanted to change my name. They said "Okay, what do you want to change it to?" They were thinking I had some pretty, girly name picked I told them I wanted to change it to "TacaBucca". It is pronounced kind of like "Taco Butt" as that is what one of the older ladies in my family thought I said. So FOREVER I have been known as TacaBucca in my family. Never going to live it down....

Alyssa said...
Ok, I have a few.1. Will you help me decorate my Christmas trees? haha (No, really!) 2. Do you have a cleaning lady? (and her phone number : ))3. Where did you go to High School & College?4. How are you & your sisters alike/different?5. Where did you get married?

1. Yes - I would love to!! Seriously, would LOVE to!!

2. No not right now. I had one, she was crazy and smelled funny. We let her go and I have yet to find her replacement. When you find one please let me know - if you could see my house right now you will know that this pregnant Mama has pretty much boycotted cleaning =)!

3. I went to Springdale High School and I went a year to NWACC.

4. Wow - this is a big question! We are alike in the fact that we are very passionate about family and would do anything for each other. Never cross a sister scorned...=). When something happens to one of us, we are always there for each other, and ready to kick some one's butt =). We are different in the fact that I am the older, bossy one. I like to think I am always in control =) Tara is the middle, emotional and will do anything for anyone. Tara is the most generous person I have ever known. Nicole is the youngest, quiet, but hilarious. Nicole is also probably the toughest out of all of us =). Oh yeah - we were all hit with the tons of hair gene and pretty much are known for it (especially the other 2).

5. I was married in Rogers at the Pinnacle Country Club.

writing4612 said...
I have a few questions up my sleeve.Did Claire and Owen do anything special for you on your birthday,and if so, what?What is your favorite thing about having sisters?

I will post later on the birthday presents =), but I was blessed with wonderful gifts this year!

My favorite thing about sisters - I have best friends for life! I am serious when I say they are the first ones I call (after Shane) for everything and they are my very best friends. It took until we got older to figure this out, but now we have so much fun together. Our Mom is in there with us, we are one fun bunch if I say so myself =) We love to eat out together or sit at my house with the many dogs between us and Miss Claire and just talk. I talk to Tara everyday. I see her almost everyday =). Nicole is finishing school in Joplin, but she is moving home this summer and we can't wait!!

Lane said...
I know so much about you too but I'm not sure what your favorite food is, so...what is your favorite food?

Favorite food right now - MEXICAN FOOD and any pie with meringue!!!!

Tara Gibson said...
What is your must have beauty product? What is your favorite place you have traveled too? What is your favorite date type thing to do with Shane? What is the first alcoholic drink you will have when Brown baby #3 is here?and WHO IS YOUR FAV SISTER : )

My must have beauty product(s) - Eyeliner (L'Oreal Telescopic in either charcoal or dark brown) and lip gloss (L'Oreal Infallible Gloss) and Mascara (L'Oreal Beauty Tubes) Without these - I look like I am asleep =)

My favorite date thing with Shane - Dinner and drinks!

Favorite place I have traveled to: I am pretty simple - either Gulf Shores or West Palm Beach - Mexico sometimes makes me nervous and the Bahamas was over rated.

First Alcoholic drink after the little one - MARGARITA!!!!!

FAV SISTER - Pleading the 5th!

Chad & Ashley said...
So my question is: Where were you born and raised? Have you always lived in Arkansas?

I was born and raised in Springdale, AR. Yes, I have always lived in Arkansas!

Kristy said...
My questions- How did you get into the job that you have? Do have an opening for a teacher who wants to be a stayathome working mom, too? Ha ha ...And What is your biggest pet peeve?

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Claire, I started looking. I had worked in the same industry (WM Vendor Category Management) for years. Finally when I was 6 months pregnant (yes I interviewed pregnant, not fun), I accepted a great job with a different company. Eventually they started an office here. When I was pregnant with O, I had to start looking again, pregnant! I found this awesome job at 5 months pregnant and LOVE it!!

You should home school =)!

Biggest pet peeve - I hope I don't offend anyone, but the liberal media. I don't even watch national news anymore.

Lane said...
Ok, I have another one. Besides the vendor world, what type of job/career would you want to have? (can't be a stay at home mom!)

If I could have another career it would be event planning! I would love to plan extravagant children's birthday parties and such. Never going to happen, but I can do my 3 kids!!

Andrea said...
Here is my question - we also have a pug, his name is Toby. But he is the stinkiest dog ever. Are you able to keep Cooper smelling fresh - and if so, how???

We try to take Cooper to the groomer about every other month for a good bath and shaving. We keep him cut to reduce shedding and to keep him cool. They use the best smelling doggy cologne there that makes him smell good for weeks...but as soon as it wears off, yeah, not so fresh =). We try to give baths to both him and Oscar every other week, but that only lasts a few days. Sorry I am not much help, but at least they are cute =)

Alyssa said...
this is my third comment on this post. eek! Which girl from Sex and the City do you think you are most like?

Hmmm - I don't know really??? Tara - you answer this one!!

amywelborn said...
Here's my you still love your dogs the same now that you have kids?? (I can't stand mine anymore...I'm terrible aren't I?)

Your not terrible!!! Here's the deal - no, Cooper is not as much a priority as he used to be. He used to be my baby and I even dressed him up (nothing to the degree of Tara and Sadie =). But since Claire and then O, he kind of got the shaft. But now, he has new owners, Claire and Owen. He loves them and they LOVE him too. I don't feel as bad now since they play with him all the time and give him attention. When we added Oscar, he was for Cooper and Owen. They get attention from me and Shane at night when the kids are in bed and they seem to be perfectly fine with that.

Stylish Housewife said...
Ok, my question is how long you waited after you were married to have Claire? I just recently got married and am debating when to start a family. How did you get into working for wal-mart vendors? I am trying to find a job with a vendor...any helpful hints? What do you guys do for a fun Saturday/ weekend?Do you guys go to a church in NWA?

Claire was a pleasant surprise when we had been married for almost 2 years. I kind of had a nervous breakdown at first, but now would not change it for the world. I was only 22 when I had her and I have to tell you the difference in having her at 22 and this baby at 28 is HUGE!! This baby is kicking my butt!! I don't know how these little bit older Moms do it, they are stronger than me!!

I had a lucky break when I was 18. My uncle was the director for a big vendor office and hired me as a receptionist and hot line operator. I learned everything I could and moved up within 6 months. I worked for them for 2.5 years and then made relationships with recruiters around here. From then on, I have used them to get me in good roles. If you are new to the business, start at an entry level position with a good company and absorb EVERYTHING!! The rest will fall into place =)

My perfect Saturday - Shopping and lunch with Tara, Nicole, Mom, and Claire (and BFF Jessica) all day. That night - dress up the kids in something cute, wear something new from that day of shopping and all of us go out to eat (all of us meaning my crew, Mom and Jake, Tara and Drew, and Nicole and the flavor of the week, and Jess) to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Then come back to our house and visiting all night. This is the most fun in the summer!!!!

We go to Southside Church of Christ in Rogers - We love it and we are members of a great small group!! They have a great children's program that Claire and Owen love - if you are interested comment again and we can hook up =)!

morewineplease said...
what is it that you do for Loreal?? AND what is your favorite product they make?

I am the Hair Color Category Manager for Wal-Mart. When you go to a WM, and go to the Hair Color section, how it looks, the shades that are available, are all things I work on. I know more about Home Hair Color than you could ever imagine. I LOVE IT!!

My favorite product changes from season to season, but my favorite L'Oreal Paris product is the new mascara Double Extend Beauty Tubes. Go here to see it, THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!

Holli said...
Here are my questions: Who do you leave your kids with when you go out with your hubby? And How often do you and your hubby go on dates?

We are fortunate enought to have all of our family here. So when we want to go out if we cannot get either of our parents, we get one of our teenage cousins to baby sit. The kids love them and we pay well =). There once was a time when we were doing the sitting and their parents always took care of us =). We try to go out at least once a month and on special occasions. We definitely did more before I was pregnant, but Shane still takes me out now!

That was fun!! Thanks ladies!! Have a good night!


Elizabeth said...

Ooh...I never even thought of Pier One! Thanks for the ideas!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love the name Rhett! I love how you work around your kids, too! You are such a great mom!

Sarah said...

Love love love all your answers!!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Alyssa said...

that was fun! i totally am with ya on the pet peeve. ugh!

Alyssa said...

and i think we had the same housekeeper : )

writing4612 said...

I loved reading this!

Carolyn said...

I love the baby names, btw...either one is great! I hope you're feeling better lately, and as per the pictures on Tara's blog lately, you look great pregnant!!!

Tara Gibson said...

awww such good answers! sisters are the best!

Lindsey said...

This was so fun to read!=)

The Heckathorns said...

I love the name Bree! If I had another girl, I would love her to have the same initials as Bella and I. :) (the Hubs didn't like Bree I loved reading this! I love hearing that there are others who met their significant others when they were young. I always get the "look" when I say that I married my high school sweetheart and the first thing out of people's mouths are "Did you get pregnant?" Um, no...that came after. I actually LIKE my hubby thanks. LOL! :)

P.S. I think I caused a bit of the balding on my Hubs head too...especially this past weekend! LOL! (But at least he looks good with no hair!♥)

CAMoore said...

Aw girl - you are great! thanks for the encouragement/advise on how to work from home/love on my most precious baby! (not that I needed advise on how to love on my baby, but you know what I mean)

Its always nice to know I have my baby home with me - rather than a day care.

FUN post

Brooke Bertalan said...

You are such a super mom. I hope I can be like you when I have children.