Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, I am still without camera capabilities, but want to post!! So I am jumping on the band wagon and having an "Ask Me" post!!!

Ask me anything you want and I will answer!! Yall ask me stuff all the time in my comments and I never get around to answering so I guess I can catch up now =). I can't wait to hear what you what to know.....

Since I am about to lose my mind with too many posts without a picture here is a little throw back to past Valentine's Days with Claire and Owen!!! It is hard to believe that this year we are giving out Valentines at school and next year, we will have another baby in our picture!!!!
V-day 2007V-day 2008


Sarah said...

Those v-day pics are precious!!

Okay here's my question.....where do you get your decorating ideas from??? I just love the way your office is decorated! Where do you get your inspiration?

Lindsey said...

Precious V Day pic!!

How did you and your hubs meet?

What was your fave part of your wedding day?

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

They are so cute!

CAMoore said...

WOW! So kids change that much in one year??! YIKES - I am in for a treat, eh?

Ok - so my question is HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME WITH STAYING HOME WITH KIDS AND WORKING FOR A WMT VENDOR!? You must be super mommy! I am in the same situation with my job and I love being home with Cyler, but some days I think I will never see the end. Any tips for this new mommy/new to the working from home scene!

Thanks -

PS. I also can't wait to hear your answer to the first question. I love your decor too!

Carolyn said...

I would like to know where you came up with Rhett or Bree as the newest babies names. Are they family names?

My name is Megan... said...

Your kids are SO cute!

Now that you have a boy and a girl...what do you hope #3 is?? What do you feel it is??


Elizabeth said...

I'm getting married in May...where did you and your hubster register for your wedding?

Your kiddos are so cute! :)

The Heckathorns said...

Hello pretty lady! My questions are:

1. Do you ever drive Shane crazy with all your parties and shopping? (LOL, if he doesn't go nuts, he's a saint! Haha!)

2. Do you talk to people we graduated with often?

3. What kind of dog is Oscar Chang and why did you name him that? (he's a cutie, but I want Tara's schnorkie! Haha!)

Meghan Appleberry said...

I tagged you to do the Honest Scrap on my blog!

Maggie said...

OK, since I know you pretty well already... I want you to tell the Taca Bucca story. LOLOL!!! =)

Alyssa said...

Ok, I have a few.
1. Will you help me decorate my Christmas trees? haha (No, really!)
2. Do you have a cleaning lady? (and her phone number : ))
3. Where did you go to High School & College?
4. How are you & your sisters alike/different?
5. Where did you get married?

If I asked any more that would just be nosy :o)

Brooke Bertalan said...

My sweet niece and nephew!! They grow up so fast. I love those babies!

Hm....I know a lot about you (maybe event too much, haha) but I think I should ask a question too..

Who is your favorite sister-in-law and why?

Bahahah! Jk. Don't answer that.
I have no questions. Sorry.

writing4612 said...

I have a few questions up my sleeve.
Did Claire and Owen do anything special for you on your birthday,and if so, what?

What is your favorite thing about having sisters?

When I asked that question yesterday about Claire and Owen, I WAS HOPING you'd do a question and answer post! :))

Lane said...

HAHA I like Brooke's question! :) How funny!

I know so much about you too but I'm not sure what your favorite food is, so...

what is your favorite food?

Tara Gibson said...

love those pics! cant wait to see this years!
hmm questions!
What is your must have beauty product? What is your favorite place you have traveled too? What is your favorite date type thing to do with Shane? What is the first alocholic drink you will have when Brown baby #3 is here?and WHO IS YOUR FAV SISTER : )

Alyssa said...

It's a great time to not have your camera working...I tagged you again! Unless you have done this one already. 25 random facts!

Chad & Ashley said...

First, I love the Valentine pic! So cute to see back when they were little cuties!

So my question is: Where were you born and raised? Have you always lived in Arkanas?

Kristy said...

They are so cute! I love the one where they are so much smaller. Time flies, right?? =)

I was in NWA this weekend and I kept hoping that I would see you!

My questions- How did you get into the job that you have? Do have an opening for a teacher who wants to be a stayathome working mom, too? Ha ha ...

And What is your biggest pet peeve?

Lane said...

Ok, I have another one.

Besides the vendor world, what type of job/career would you want to have? (can't be a stay at home mom!)

Andrea said...

Here is my question - we also have a pug, his name is Toby. But he is the stinkiest dog ever. Are you able to keep Cooper smelling fresh - and if so, how???

Alyssa said...

this is my third comment on this post. eek! Which girl from Sex and the City do you think you are most like?

amywelborn said...

Here's my you still love your dogs the same now that you have kids?? (I can't stand mine anymore...I'm terribel aren't I?)

Anonymous said...

Ok, my question is how long you waited after you were married to have Claire? I just recently got married and am debating when to start a family.

How did you get into working for wal-mart venders? I am trying to find a job with a vender...any helpful hints?

What do you guys do for a fun Saturday/ weekend?

Do you guys go to a church in NWA?

morewineplease said...

what is it that you do for Loreal?? AND what is your favorite product they make?

Holli said...

I've read your blog but never commented! I love it! Here are my questions: Who do you leave your kids with when you go out with your hubby? And How often do you and your hubby go on dates?