Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach Vacation - Day Two

Sunday morning, the kids woke me and Shane up early and told us that everyone was already down at the beach and we were the only ones inside, BEGGING to put on their suits.  Shane and I were confused as it was 8am and we thought everyone would sleep in like planned.  We made ourselves get up, told the two wild children to maintain so we can at least drink a Red Bull or coffee, and made our way downstairs....barely anyone was up and certainly not already down at the beach :)...those two little fibbers were DYING to get down there.  :)

It was perfect out and a beautiful morning on the beach!  I loved the girls' matching suits and cover ups! (swimsuits from TCP and coverups from Target) The first full day of vacay is always the best, it is surreal.  Around lunch time, I may or may not have had a peach margarita or two and was feeling exhausted.  My mom and Becky encouraged me to go upstairs and take a nap and they would help take care of my kids (Shane was kayaking and running around like a little boy himself).  Napping is very out of the ordinary for me, but with my work life changes and the long drive down there, I needed it and I took them up on it.  I slept for THREE HOURS!!!  It was pure bliss!!! 

That night we got dressed up and went to The Original Oyster House for dinner.  When I woke up, all my kids were napping and the older two had red faces.  I felt so bad, but they had fresh sunscreen all day.  They were constantly wiping their faces in the ocean and did not keep it on.  I still love sunburned cheeks :)....Dinner was DELICIOUS!!  We love this place because eventhough the wait is forever, they have a boardwalk of shops to peruse.  We found one that tons of dresses and fun gifts and we made ourselves at home there!! 

Bree has hit this stage where she is not too thrilled to have her picture made.  Tara has to work her magic to get her to cooperate so that makes for a fun stressful time.  There are lots of pictures of her, but she can be a little butt mess sometimes.  Owen is always doing his own thing and is not up for pictures so we get them when we can and we all know Claire loves the paparazzi :)...

That night after dinner, we came back and did some crab hunting!  That is always a good time and the kids love it. It was a full day and so much fun!!

Loved my dress that night - probably my favorite.  Dress - Gianni Bini from Dillards, necklace Sam Moon.

If you are still reading - more pictures to come tomorrow!


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

You had me at peach margarita! : ) Such cute pics, looks like y'all had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had a ball! I like that orange outfit and the blue and white. Can't wait to see more pics from the beach.

Dallas said...

How fun! We love the beach too!!!! Super cute pictures and, as always, you all look FABULOUS!