Monday, August 8, 2011

Beach Road Trip Day One

Ho hum.

That is me pouting.

Pouting because I am back at work and no longer on vacation at the beach...


taking a swig of my diet dr pepper and putting a smile on my face

We had the best vacation we have ever had last week.  We left last Saturday at 4:30am for Gulf Shores.  It was a caravan of 4 cars (Nicole and Aaron came later), and we hit the road hot, bright and early.  Shane and I were so thankful for our Yukon and the DVD players.  The kids did really well on the ride down.  Of course they asked over and over if we were there yet (12 hour drive) and at one point, Owen woke up from a nap and asked:

"Are we getting closer?"
Me: "No, not close yet"
Owen: "Are we at least in Texas?"

We don't go any where near Texas :). It was funny.

We finally got there a little after 5 and it was AWESOME!!!  Shane had done all the work on getting our beach house and he did NOT disappoint!!!  Everyone was blown away with it, but we could not wait to get out on the beach.  Owen was so scared of the ocean last year and we were all worried he would be the same this year...but as you will see in the pictures below, he was such a BIG boy!

We played on the beach for a bit and then we all loaded up and hit up our favorite local, casual beach spot for dinner. It was a great night and I would give anything to be back there eating a shrimp sandwich right now!!!  Here are a bunch of pictures of the ride down, on the beach and that night.  I am going to do a bunch of posts of this trip as I really want to have all these memories recorded individually...and we seriously have over 1000 photos thanks to Tara, our family photog!

Stay tuned for many more cute pics!!!!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Looks like a blast!

Kristy said...

That looks like such fun!!! Awww, how I love the beach :)

Kimberley said...

what a fun trip!!! now i wanna go!!!

The Anglin Family said...

I am so jealous and sad:( No beach for us this summer, hubby is stuck working!
Looks like loads of fun!! Great pictures! You look really pretty in that blue dress:)