Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach Vacation - Day 6

Day 6 was a great day on the beach.  The kids mainly stayed in the pool and we all took it easy.  That night, we took our family pictures.  For the record, we will not be putting ourselves through these again.  Tara takes so many pictures all week that always end up better than these.  I am always pissed because no one will cooperate, we are hot, the men hate it and we are all stressed!  I did love the kids' outfits (girls from Etsy) and Tara managed to get some good ones!  This is always the only night of stress on vacation and we don't need it!!  I am sure Shane is standing up applauding as he reads this :) pics ahead!


Walking With The Wheats said...

Where did you get your dress in your family pictures?

CJA said...

Yoooouuuu aaarrreeee gggooorrrgggeeeee!!!!