Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beach Vacation - Day Three

So we woke up Monday with a still sunburned Owen.  Claire was much better, but we wanted stronger sunscreen.  I sent Shane to the store to pick up that and a hat for O because there was no way we were going to be able to keep him in the house.  After both kids ended up with sunscreen in their eyes, Bree screaming bc I put her hair in pigtails, and a couple complete meltdowns not just the kids, we were back to the beach.  :) Never a dull moment with us and I think we probably scare Tara and Nicole's men from ever having kids :)...kidding, seriously, they are both so good with our kids too as you see in pictures they are always playing with them.

I bought Bree this bumble bee swimsuit back in the spring from Gymboree and fell in love with it.  We call her "bee" all the time so it was fitting.  When I found Claire a matching suit and me one as well, we ALL decided to match and take a picture.  Funny thing was, Bree would not take a picture with us, where the plan derived :)...oh well, we looked cute :)!

So, Owen was sunburned, had a morning with sunscreen in his eyes, but was still a trooper in the water!  He and Jace both got grazed by loose jelly fish tentacles, but they were tough (unfortunately that was not our last encounter with mean ole jelly fish)... 

This was the first day Bree was brave enough to get in the water alone.  She walked up to it and we were all hollering and taking pics :)! She loved it after that and I was so relieved!!!  Three beach babies - CHECK!

That night we stayed in and ordered pizza...and had a dance my family :) The kids had new "beach pjs" for the week and I bought Owen some that were a weeee bit too small that he put on that night (you will see the pic) he thought it was hilarious :)....

Come back tomorrow for revenge of the jelly fish!

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