Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You take the take the bad..

Happy Wednesday Blogger friends!!! So this week has been crazy and we had a pretty yucky weekend of sickies....

Friday we went out for Shane's birthday!  He turned 31 on Saturday, but we had big plans for Claire's birthday with her buddies, and he was such a good daddy and let her have "his day" :).  So we went out for mexican food with Heath and Lane and a bunch of other fun friends and had a great night.  I forgot my camera, but Claire got this one of us before we left :).
Then the typical car picture :)..
Saturday was a big day.  I had reserved a limo, booked 12 tickets to a Christmas Broadway play and planned a dinner with the help of Mom and Tara for Claire and her four closest buddies and their moms.  Claire had a brand new fancy dress to wear and everyone was getting all dressed up for her birthday. We were all so excited, no one as excited as Claire-bear.  Then it happened.  At 4am Saturday morning, Claire wakes me up sick and throwing up :(....we had to cancel the party  and it was sooooooo sad.  Claire was upset, I was upset, we ALL were :((((((. 

It was really sad, but just like my title, you take the bad with the good and make the best of it.  I am going to plan another party after Christmas and all will be well.  Sunday, Owen came down with it, Shane and I both were sick and we had to cancel our family pictures and not attend the big Christmas program...BOO! 

So enough about that...

Other fun things happening lately..

Went to dinner and the square with the Williamsons!!!

 After church one Sunday me, Mom and Claire went on the Christmas Tour of tradition!

 Daddy was the Watchdog Dad one day last week!
 This past Tuesday was Christmas Chapel at school...

So there are bad days and good ones...but we are so blessed that our bad days are still blessings and we are so lucky to have our healthy babies!!!

Most posts coming!!!

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CaseyLew said...

Claire's expressions make me laugh sometimes! Such a sweet little girl:) Your family is growing so much!