Monday, December 6, 2010

Red and Green!!

So it is no shocker that I love Christmas!!  It is also no shocker that I am obsessed with dressing my it is only expected that I pretty much lose my mind during the month of December while planning clothing for the kids...I mean this is serious business folks.  It takes a lot of planning and effort to make sure all events are covered in red and green and glitter and sequins when possible :) lets get this month started right on our first family pizza night of the month...the three musketeers in Red and Green...we go out every Thursday to our fave pizza joint and so this past Thursday, the kids were styling :)...

Love these guys!!!!


Jac said...

The ribbon around your door is beautiful and, as is the usual, your children or adorable. :-)

Maggie said...

So, I see now where Claire gets her signature pose... haha, from her DADDY!!! LOLOL :)

Cute, cute, cute - love to look at all your pictures!!